Sunday, March 27, 2011

whimsical wishes

I find it funny the odd conglomeration of things we wish on: eyelashes and candles and dandelions. Who decided that blowing on a whispy white weed would make your desires come true? Well, anyway, I rather like the idea. I like closing my eyes, making a wish and them opening them again to see all the little seeds float away like parachutes, ready to plant themselves and spring up a new flower.

My wish is different every time. Sometimes I dream big and wish for wars to end and for world peace. Other times I am selfish and wish for a good grade on a test or to find five dollars on the ground. I like wishing. Even if they don't come true, it's still fun.

It's fun finding dandelions in my front yard and plucking them out of their habitat. Twirling the stems in my fingers, huffing and puffing until the seeds begin to let go. My sister blew one yesterday and after several breaths she said, "I guess I'm going to have a lot of children." I hadn't heard this one before, but apparently you are going to have a kid for every time you blow until it is all gone. Okay then.

To many people, dandelions are just weeds, but to me they are a symbol of summer and of childlike whimsy. Maybe they remind me of days spent in tall green grass, picking flowers and sipping lemonade. Did that ever even happen? Sometimes I get my memories mixed up with photos and movies and books I've consumed and with fixed notions and stereotypes that somehow lodge themselves in my brain. Anyway, I rather like these wishing machines.

My friend pronounces them 'dandy-lions' which makes me think of giant lions with suits and ties on; I'm not altogether sure why. I just call them 'dan-de-lions' but I like her fanciful way of saying it. They're not just dandelions, they're dandy lions. What are they to you?



  1. Dandelions are so beautiful ^_^ I'm not quite sure how they came upon wishing. But all in all, dandelions are things I wish on. I haven't done it in a while, though.

    -Lexii :)

  2. Oh, I love dandelions as well, especially if my wish does come true. ^_^ Your photos are gorgeous though!


  3. That is the funny thing about wishes.. I have had one come true! lol, it was kind of funny, when I was younger i wished for gell pens for my b-day.. that day my dad got me some. And he did not even know that I wanted some! xD Not all that interesting... x)

  4. 'conglomeration' is such a cool word. It just sounds amazing.
    And I say 'dandy lion'. Like some really really jazzed-up lion! And gorgeous photos.

  5. Hiya, I am a new follower. Just found your blog today. Super cute, can't wait to read more. :)

  6. I love dandelions. :) I think they're beautiful, especially the seeds. They're a sure sign of spring. I actually drew a picture of a dandelion today, haha. I usually wish for pretty selfish/stupid things, but it's still fun.

  7. I was looking to see if you ever made a comment about me in your old posts (or if you said anything about the BBC concert), and I'm glad you've mentioned me in this post. At least... I'm pretty sure I'm the one who says it "Dandy-lions."


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