Saturday, March 12, 2011

democracy in action

This morning, thousands of people from all across Texas gathered at the state capitol to protest the education cuts. I was among them. As a Texas public school student, this is one issue that personally and directly affects me. And I brought my camera, of course.

This doesn't show nearly how many people there were. One estimate said 11,000, other people said more like 8 or 9,000. Either way, it was a lot.

Many people brought umbrellas because they want them {the legislators} to use the rainy day fund. {And because it was very sunny and those things make great shade. :) }

I ran into a bunch of people I knew there. This was one of my friend's signs that she made:

And a different friend:

 But these signs were definitely my favorite:

In case you can't read it, the bottom word is "educate".
The 'Why U No..." Guy, anyone? :P

I didn't make any signs because I had my camera to carry. XD But I chanted along with everyone else, "Save our schools! Save our schools!"

It was pretty fun. I've never been to anything like that before but I liked it. I liked taking a part in something bigger, showing that I care about the future of our state. It was good to see everyone out there--young and old, liberal and conservative. You don't have to get political, because this is a non-partisan issue--everyone should care about our education and about our future.

Have you ever been to a rally or a protest? What was it like?



  1. I've been to pro-life rallies before, but they've all been pretty tame. ;) That looks so cool! Love all those signs! :)

  2. Whoever came up with the Dolores Umbridge sign was very clever...I've been to several rallies, but they never were as large in participants as this one was. ;)

  3. Wow that's a lot of people! I never been to one, I'd be too scared of getting trompled by people or something. :D


  4. That's a lot of people! My brother has been to the EMA protests {EMA is a small weekly allowance given to low-income families that go to sixth form} and I saw people protesting against university fees rising.
    Kudos to you for standing up for what you believe, and I wish I had been there!

  5. Kendall's CousinMarch 13, 2011 at 8:36 AM

    I walked through my city once during a pride parade that, unfortunately, turned into a riot. Btw, I <3 the Harry Potter (Dolores) sign!!

  6. This is awesome! Seeing your pictures makes me remember Texas (I'm from near Austin, and I went on a tour of the capitol a really long time ago). If I still lived there, I'd be right by everyone marching in that rally. :D Good for you for going!

  7. Ah, I adore the delores umbridge sign! There is something similar happening here, they are trying to shut down a highschool, and it's probably going to be the one I want to go to {the only one with a good arts program, might I add?}

  8. I love all the signs that you took pictures of. ESPECIALLY MINE. No seriously, I liked it. My grandma glued pennies to hers!


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