Wednesday, March 09, 2011

today is a good day.

Because it is magnificently cool outside--68 degrees. With a breeze! {That is cool, okay. I live in Texas.}

Because it is Ash Wednesday. And I had to remind my mom that that delicious looking rotisserie chicken can not, in fact, be our dinner tonight.

Because having Photoshop CS5 on school computers really is the best.

Because some friends of mine are starting a Harry Potter club at school.

Because I just bought a new album on iTunes.

Because tomorrow is Field Day at my school {read: all day outside playing things like kickball and, yes, Quidditch, and no classes}.

Because spring is, well, springing:

Because I might go to a {free} concert with my friend next week.

Because looking on the bright side? It really works. :)



  1. The idea of Quidditch at a Muggle school is just genius - that would be so interesting to watch! :)

  2. I love the last photo. It looks so bright and dim at the same time. :)


  3. I went to a harry potter girls scout camp and played quiddich once! twas FUN! I wish I could come to your town. It sounds nice and warm. Colorado is still cold as an iceberg >:(

  4. I love this post!Especially the last comment. "Because looking on the bright side? It really works. :)"
    I will like, quote you on this. :P
    Beautiful photos as well.


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