Friday, March 04, 2011

a sick day

My throat has been hurting for a couple of days and this morning my mother decided that I should go to the doctor and not to school because I wouldn't want to infect other people if I had strep throat. So I went to the doctor this morning and I did the strep tests where they stick those sticks down into your throat--it is not fun--but I still haven't found out whether I have it or not but I am at home right now, wasting the day away. I am pretty sure I am perfectly fine but you know mothers, those paranoid creatures. :3 I just realized how rambling and incoherent these sentences are--maybe I am sick after all, and it has invaded my brain. Here is a picture to break up all the text, 'cause that's what I do best. {What?!} Oh and don't say flowers are boring! They are beautiful.

 So. I've been really wanting to bake something {red velvet cupcakes, anyone?} but my mother says that sick people should not bake lest their germs somehow spread...yeah, anyway. So I'm sitting here in this house with all these productive things I could do only I can't do them. So instead I've basically just been sitting here all day, browsing tumblr and looking at pictures of food {mostly breakfast and dessert 'cause those are the prettiest: see here and here for some lovelies} and waiting for someone on blogger to post to distract me. Post today and I swear I'll comment. Probably. :P

Here's my own lame addition to the food photo frenzy {what can I say? I like alliteration}:

{Yeah, I did randomly decide to make all the photos in this post have rounded corners. Don't ask why.}

More food. Ish. A lime that I picked up and took a picture of, because I felt like it.

So, how has your day been, dear reader/follower/commenter/random internet person? I'm pretty bored, so somebody do something to entertain me.

Or, in the words of my friend, "Somebody say something stupid. I want to laugh."



  1. Aw, I hope you get better soon! :(

    That flower is so pretty, and so is the lime. :D

    Oh, and I love your friends quote! So true!

  2. Feel better soon Starr! The photographs are gorgeous and the rounded edges look so cool. And your friend's quote is so, so, so true.


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