Saturday, March 26, 2011

nature at its finest

In the past five days, I've only posted once. Here are the reasons: Internet connection being stupid + algebra homework + soccer practice + other things. But I'm back now! :)

I've probably said it so many times before, but I love the changing of seasons. With every new turn, I find something to be excited about. With fall it is the colorful foliage and the lingering breeze, and with winter it is the frosted windowpanes and Christmas spirit.

But unfortunately, where I live, we don't get much in ways of picturesque bright leaves or snow fall. What we do get, though, is green. That's why spring is when nature is at its finest here.

I love looking out the window and admiring all the greenery that is the newly blooming trees.

I love staring at the blue sky, too, when it is blue {right now it's a sullen grey}.

I love the delicate orange petals that adorn the flowers in my front yard.

I love the glassy surface of a pond, the way the light reflects off of it and how still and calm it is.

I love visiting the park and seeing all the picnickers, well, picnic, with the kids running around and the adults chatting contentedly.

And of course, at the end of the day, I love the sunsets, pure and simple.

Truly, I think that springtime is when nature is at its finest. Happy spring, everyone! {I know it's been almost a week since it began, but oh well!} I'm probably going to be do some gardening this weekend with my family. What about you? Got any plans? :)


P.S. I don't know what's up with the spacing down here, but it's really bothersome. Just ignore it. :P


  1. The orange flower just looks so bright and happy, and the view from your window is gorgeous. I'm just taking a stab in the dark though that you don't actually, y'know, see in bokeh.

  2. well, spring is taking it's time in kansas. it snowed/hailed today and it was 37 degrees outside

  3. It's very green in OR, too- and then it will randomly decide to snow! :)

    Love these pictures, especially the orange flower and the sunset! So pretty!


  4. Spring is taking it's time where I'm at. The sun and green look so nice! :) I can't wait for warmer weather. I love the pictures, especially the last one with the sunset.


  5. Aw, those are cute pictures! :) I am actually happy about spring and summer coming! I have never been happy about it because I hate heat, all new me! lol. ^_^

  6. It feels like summer over here in TN! Now when summer does come along..uh, well, it's going to be quite hot. ;)


  7. I've been looking through the photos on your So gorgeous! You are a great photographer!



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