Sunday, March 06, 2011

what's in a name {the truth}

I feel like I owe you all the truth.

And the truth is that my name is not Starr and until I am completely honest about that then I can never be truly myself on here. When I first started blogging, way back in 2008, I guess I was a little paranoid. A long time ago, my friend and I used to pretend that we were 'Heart' and 'Starr' so I just used the name Starr as my alias. And everything was fine. But that was my old blog, a different part of my life. It was a different part of me. But here, I want to try and be as close to the whole, real me as I can. Thus, the truth. Some of you already know this {cough, cousins, cough, in which case you can disregard it, but for the rest of you, I just wanted to let you know.

My real name is Kendall. Apparently, it is from a surname which comes from the name of a city in northwest England meaning "valley of the River Kent". {via} How superbly interesting, eh? My nicknames range from dumb to ridiculous, including, but not limited to: Kendallita, Kendallio, Kandall (pronounced Kahn-dul), Ken-Ken and probably some more. :P

My name is Kendall, and this is me.

check out that epic sunflare. :P
This is my blog, full of my pictures and words, thoughts and hopes and musings. I am fourteen and I live in Texas. I am a lover of photography, music {pop, rock, alternative, acoustic, anything along those lines}and cats. I like simplicity and quiet but frequently contradict myself. I'm shy but not at home. Smile is my word for this year.

So if you see my name, don't be confused. It's just me, the same old me, just a different name. It's going to take some getting used to, not typing 'Starr' but I think it's a good change. It's a pleasure to meet you. :)



  1. You are really pretty. :)

  2. @Caelen: Aw, thank you. *hides in a corner*

  3. I can understand not putting up your real name, I almost used my middle name and called myself Katie. :D
    You *are* cute! :D

  4. You're so pretty! I love the name Kendall - I have a neighbor named Kendall, and I wanted my name to be Kendall for a while after that. :D (I still do, actually...)

  5. *record stop sound* :O
    I never expected such a name. It's pretty, but just so uncommon these days :P I hope this doesn't come off as rude, but I kinda liked Starr better. In fact, for the longest time I thought it was your real name! I used to know a girl who's middle name was Starr, so I just assumed I guess, and you know that they say about assuming :P Anyways, I can't blame you for going by Starr, Jenna isn't my real name either. (SHH!) Anyways, Nice to meet you Kendall.
    <3 "Jenna" <3

  6. OBTW Brown eyes rule *highfive*

  7. @Elisa + Claire: Thanks! :)
    @Bridget: Of course you did! :P
    @Jenna: Yeah, I liked Starr too but I just wanted to be the 'real me', I guess. :P *high fives back*

  8. Kendall, you beautiful girl! :) I love your name. And, the sun flare in that photo is amazing!

  9. 'Sup, Kendall? It doesn't sound, y'know, like Starr. But it definetely suits your picture {and you're very pretty}. And oh, that sun flare! Gorgeous.

  10. I LOVE the sun flare! It took me a TONNNN of courage to NOT name myself gpigsrock(my overall internet name, so if you want to find me on webkinz(hey, I've had that name since third grade, kay?) or wherever, it's probably moi.) I am SOOO happy another person has confessed! It's one step closer to knowing a person!!! :D


  11. Ohmygoodness, whoever made up the name "Kandall (pronounced Kahn-dul" is a TOH-TAL genius. Also, don't forgot Kahn-duleeza Rice. That's a good one. Haha, family, always looking out for you! Ily(: <33

  12. It honestly feels so strange calling you Kendall! I really love that name though, it suits you. And can I just say you are so pretty! I love your hair, and your smile, and your eyes. *gushes* - hope that doesn't sound creepy. :P

    I know what you mean about the name thing. Brooke is not my real name either, I just like your use it for blogs and such.


  13. Ahh, so all is made clear xD
    I've never met a Kendall before, but I think it suits you! (and yay for names of British derivation)

    I hope it doesn't sound creepy, but you are really pretty. In that photo you look rather like Amelie in the French movie ^_^



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