Saturday, March 19, 2011

everybody loves new clothes

Even self-proclaimed non-fashionable people like me.

So, recently I decided that since now it is ~spring~ I needed to go shopping for more warm weather attire. And I did. Great story, huh? Yeah, and now I'm going to share what I got with you.

Before that, a disclaimer: I am not a model, I do not look like a model and I do not act like a model. I'm also not a fashion blogger. {Obviously.} So why am I even doing this? Good question. I'll get back to on that one.

The shirt and skirt on the left are from Aeropostale {not a store I usually shop at, but someone gave me a giftcard for Christmas} and everything else is from Target.

And on person, {outfit numero uno}:

The details of the pants:

And the shirt {which is layered on top of an Old Navy tank top, fyi}:

And my feet in the only pair of semi-nice shoes I own:

{Outfit numero dos}:

The skirt was kind of a lot shorter than I thought it would be. But it's okay, 'cause I have leggings and stuff.

Okay, so about these pictures. Hehe. All the ones that are full length were taken in my backyard. I put my camera on the self-timer, 10 seconds and then set it on water barrel. Yep. It took me like half an hour and tons of pictures to get any that were semi decent. The camera either wouldn't focus, or it was too zoomed in, or--most of the time--I just looked stupid. If I ever do this again, I'm getting a tripod. Or a human to take pictures. What a novel idea!

Oh, and here's one more outfit {taken inside, as you can see}. This is more of what I wear on a normal day sort of thing. I wore it last night to go listen to my friend's favorite band, which was, by the way, awesome. I bought a CD. :)

I wore shoes, though, just so you know. I just hate wearing shoes in the house.

This has been a post. A long post full of terribly embarrassing pictures of me. Why oh why am I doing this? Never again. I think I'll stick to food and leave the style to the more experienced. XD



  1. Fashion is good, food is better. The skirt is very cute. In the last picture, you look a lot more how I imagine you would, if that's not totally weird. Like, I imagine how bloggers would look because it makes them real, if you know what I mean? And I imagine you looking like that last picture.

  2. I love these outifts! And you did a great job with taking pictures of yourself! :D

  3. Those are cute! :)
    I LOVE Aeropostale!!!!!!!! :) It is my favorite brand in the world! :D And that is a really cute skirt. ^_^

  4. Haha, You look darling as always K! I admit, I can't stand Abracombie, Aeropostle, or American eagle. BLECK! Target, kohls, and JCpenney just feel more natural.
    Hugs! Jenna

  5. I agree with Jenna, you are darling. :) And you definitely do not look ridiculous in these photos! I would look one hundred times worst, trust me.
    The clothes you got are very cute! We have sort of the same taste, I think. The skirt is really pretty. I'm more of a sweat-shirt and jeans sort of girl myself, haha. :P Zero fashion sense right here.


  6. You don't look stupid! You remind me of my friend Mikayla. :)


  7. I actually loved this!! The skirt is so pretty, and you actually look like you know what you're doing :)

  8. I love the shoes, and you look nice in your clothes. Shopping always adds a little pick-me-up to a bleak day, as long as you find stuff you like. I'm not fashionable either, but I still need a little dose of it now and then.


    I actually like clothes, beeteedubs, and I am aware of fashion. I just choose to wear skinny jeans and converse and t-shirts to be comfy and to avoid being teased by certain people.

    Also, now that I see me mentioned in this post, I'm going to look through AAAALL your posts.


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