Tuesday, March 29, 2011

in which i am a stylish blogger

Yesterday I was tagged by Libby with the Stylish Blogger award. Thank you! :) So basically for this tag, you link back to the person who tagged you {done}, list seven previously untold facts about yourself and then pick seven people to tag. I'm with Libby; I usually don't do tags but I thought I'd make an exception because this was more flexible and because it's quick and I don't have much time now. :)

Without further ado, here are seven facts about me:

I like gum. A lot. Especially the fruit kind. I usually have a piece or two every day.


When I don't feel like practicing the pieces I'm supposed to be working on, I like to play Beatles songs on my guitar. Eight Days a Week, anyone?


The only television show I watch regularly is Glee. :) I used to watch Ugly Betty but now it's over...so Glee kind of takes the place of it. Occasionally I'll watch House or America's Funniest Home Videos but not every week.

the marauders' map [EXPLORED]

I love love love Harry Potter. I started the series in like third or fourth grades and have been hooked ever since. I went to the midnight release party of the last book when I was eleven--that was so much fun--and the midnight release of Deathly Hallows Part 1 in November--ditto. I'm totally planning on going this summer, too. Major awesomeness. I am really surprised that I have yet to really mention my affinity for this series on this blog. Well, that will have to come soon, friends.


The people I admire most {I guess you could call them my heroes} are Eleanor Roosevelt, Anne Frank and, of course, J. K. Rowling {see number 4 ^_^}


I'm thinking about getting a haircut soon. Like four or five inches. I'm not really sure...


I think this little dog is the cutest thing. Just putting that out there. Don't you think? So soft and small. He's a keychain in the back and he has a little kitty friend that's just like him. Except, you know, a cat.

Now, people to tag? A lot of the people I would tag have probably already been tagged, so I'll just tag:

+ My three cousins who have blogs {Bridget, Maura and Kathleen}
+ And for the four remaining spots, any and all persons wearing some green at the time of reading this. Just because! :D

Have a terrrrrrific day!



  1. fact: I'm not allowed to read HP. that's the thing I plan to do first after graduation.

    I am such a rebel.


  2. Aww! Those are cute pictures. :D I totally LOVE gum, it is the best thing in the world. xD
    lol, I am wearing green! xD


  3. well, I actually haven't ever asked. I assume it's cause of the magic-y stuff, which is silly cause I used to read other fantasy.

    I'm not getting my license. Give me a second while I stalk your email and then I'll email you and let you know.

  4. I love Harry Potter! I really don't think that it is worse then any other fantasy novel, as long as you don't believe in the magic part of it. It is sooo well written- I was super sad after I finished it because I wouldn't have it to read anymore! :)


  5. Look Kendall, your blog is not easy loading. but it is beautiful (as yuo) :)

    email me Kendal. Can I see you on yuor facebook?

  6. :o I have a little green leaf on my shirt! actually, about 20! Plus I have on green nail polish! Also, I have a few of those tiny animals too! They are only heart's club. I used to LOVE those dolls. Does your kitty or puppy have a heart on it's rear? Only the later editions did, but it's a sure sigh of OHC! I have A puppy (but not the same as yours, it's white with brown and black spots), A moose, A Bunny, A kitty(grey and fluffy), and my mom has a pink bunny!
    So, I guess I'll try and do this on my blog, would you visit?

  7. YAY! MY WATCH IS GREEN, AND I HAVE A GREEN PEEP ON MY SHIRT!!! :D Oh, and I have a buny and a cat like the keychain dog of yours; which is ADORABLE! :) I LOVE the orange Trident gum! It strangely enough makes me want to play Mario Party seven on my gamecube... ?


  8. yay! I was tagged!

  9. I loooooove gum too! Serisouly I chew about 6 pieces a day. My friends always say, "Hit me," and I'll give them a stick because they know I always have gum on me. ^_^ Extra's Watermelon flavor is my favorite. Sometimes my jaw hurts when I chew it so much.


  10. I love gum. Enough said. It helps me concentrate for some reason. :P Plus, if I'm not chewing it, I end up thinking I'm hungry and get a major case of the munchies, haha.

    Harry Potter! <3 I went to the Deathly Hallows book premiere at Barnes and Noble with a few friends, we all dressed up. It was a lot of fun.

    Green is one of my favorite colors (it changes frequently). I have neon green soccer socks on. :P



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