Tuesday, March 08, 2011

pancake tuesday?

I will stop blogging about food...I will stop blogging about food...I will stop--Oh! Pretty pancakes *takes picture*. Yeah, this is my life. Don't laugh.

So, apparently today is Pancake Tuesday? {via} I have never heard of this before but today we had chocolate chip pancakes and omelets for dinner, complete with...salad.

And yeah, chocolate chip pancakes? They're kind of my favorite food ever. These make it like 10x better:

Yep, definitely my favorite breakfast food. You should try them, unless you're really weird like my friend and don't like chocolate. *gasp* Like, really, why would you not like chocolate? *shakes head* But anyway, if you're like that, then maybe you'll prefer your pancakes like this:

Either way, they're delicious! :) Happy Pancake Tuesday, whatever the heck that is! I thought it was only Mardi Gras today...Oh, and International Women's Day. Big day today. It's probably someone important's birthday, too... Anyway, tomorrow is Ash Wednesday. I'm fourteen now, so no meat for me! I love excuses to be vegetarian. <-- I don't know. I still don't know if I'm going to give up anything for Lent... Every time I think of something, like chocolate or computer, I'm like, nope. Too important. But isn't that the point? Maybe I'll just stop complaining or being mean, that sort of thing. I'm rambling. I promise the next post will not be about food. Unless you like it? Either way, I have other ideas. :)

I apologize for all the horrible lighting in my kitchen. I would have used natural light only it's all GONE by the time we eat dinner...Reason #120 I love summer. ♥

I think I'm gonna go study for my Bio test, or maybe watch Glee. Hmm, priorities? Yeah, I have those... Somewhere....



  1. YUM. you know what else chocolate chips make 10x better? vanilla ice cream. delish. thanks, now you made me HUNGRY! ;)

  2. and yes, Glee ALWAYS comes before homework.

  3. mkay those look freaking delish.

  4. Pancake Tuesday is the day before Lent begins. Some people can choose to give up fat foods (such as pancakes) for 40 days from when Lent begins and till Lent ends. :)

  5. I want to eat those sooooooo badly.


  6. Pancake Day is another name for Shrove Tuesday, which is the English {I think all of Europe} name for Mardi Gras. Traditionally, it was to use up fat, lard, eggs and sugar in the house--items that were traditionally given up for Lent. And I did not even have to consult Wikipedia for this, as it's told every.single.year at primary school here.
    Honestly, I just like a reason for pancakes! And those ones look so good. More food posts, please--your photos are amazing!

  7. I love pancakes and pancake tuesday has a sweet ring to it. Yours look so good. Is it universal that the first few pancakes are mess and the rest are perfect. or is that just me.
    P.S.Yesterday, was international pancake day, too.

  8. I'm a TOTAL chocoholic! I won't eat pancakes unless they have chocolate in them! XD My dad keeps on making corn pancakes, but who on EARTH would eat a CORN pancake??? d: Eww!


    P.S. Nice pancake pics!!! :D

  9. THOSE LOOK SOOOO GOOD. Okay, now that that's out of my system...
    I love chocolate chip pancakes, haha. It was a big day. My teacher lectured for like a half hour on feminism and International Women's Day. It was kind of funny, actually.

  10. Yum! The pancakes with the raspberries on top look so delicious. :)

  11. nicely done friend, nicely done.

  12. Please, keep blogging about food. I like it!!! It makes me hungry :)


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