Thursday, March 17, 2011

san antonio

My little sections. :)


What can I say, except that I'm addicted to taking pictures of food! And the whole wall of windows, letting the morning sunlight stream in? I couldn't help myself.

-the riverwalk

This one's blurry...sorry, t'was hard to get a good photo at night, while moving. :P
It was teeming with people at practically all hours of the day, especially around dinnertime and afterwards. The waits at every single restaurant were horrendous. But we survived. :)

-that beautiful pre-sunset lighting
You know what I'm talking about. Yes, you do. {These photos were taken on the roof of our hotel. There was a pool up there and although I didn't go swimming, I did go to get some pictures. :)

-oh, cousins
My cousin Tommy told me to "blog about him" so that's what this little section is for.
We were walking back to our hotel last night when this ambulance drives by. It lets off this really loud siren/horn/noise, making all of us cover our ears. But Tommy? He jumps once, twice and leaps into his mother's arms. Did I mention he's fourteen? :P

That probably wasn't what he meant by "blog about him" but you get what you asked for...And I have plenty of embarrassing pictures but I won't post them because I would hate it if someone did that to me. :P 

-ice cream

Terribly long line. Thank goodness my double-chocolate with Reese's in a cone was worth it. ;)

-the alamo

I've been here several times so it wasn't like it was really exciting. And it was so dark. But we saw this adorable little kid:


P.S. There is a Bloggers' Day of Silence tomorrow, Friday the 18th, for Japan. Click here for more details. It just means not posting for one day, for a good purpose. Feel free to join in. {Also read Libby's post about this.}

You can also donate money to different organizations to help. I did it through the Red Cross yesterday. Any small amount helps. 


  1. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful pictures. For the first time ever I really want to eat cornflakes! And the river-blue is gorgeous. Also, the lighting in those pre-sunset pictures? Stunning.

  2. Your breakfast looks yummy!

    I love San Antonio! Though when we go we don't really go as tourists for all that fun stuff. We go to see family. :)

    Great pictures!


  3. How do you sign up? Even if I don't sign up,I won't post tomorrow.

  4. Your vacation looks like so much fun- not to mention that ice cream looks delicious! Yummy!

  5. @Caelen: I'm not exactly sure, but I think you comment here: That's what I did, but like you said, even if you don't sign up you can still participate. :)

  6. ooooo! Those are such pretty pictures. And that ice cream looks so good. ^_^

  7. Now I'm hungry. XD

    You take the greatest pictures! I especially love the one with the little kid. :)


  8. Looks like you had fun! The pictures of the cities are just gorgeous.

  9. hi kendall. i also participated in the silence. it's amazing to see how the blogging community has united to support those in need. on a brighter note, your ice cream looks yummy (:

  10. Wer're actually learning about The Alamo. That's SO cool you could visit it!

    ~ Lexi

  11. Nice! Ha, the Alamo reminds me of the movie 'Pee-wee's big adventure' where someone steals his bike, and a fortune teller tells him his bike is in the basement of the Alamo :)


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