Thursday, March 03, 2011

awkward + awesome thursday

I'm linking up with Sydney {hey, that's one of my best friend's names!} at the Daybook today, for Awkward and Awesome Thursday. Those are certainly two words to describe my day...


-Feeling kind of sick (on and off headache, sore throat, hot and then cold) but still having to go to school, because I already missed two days last week.

-Wearing safety goggles in biology. Enough said.

-Getting the hiccups. Twice. In one day.

-The negligible amount of time I've spent practicing my guitar in the past week or two.

-Major procrastination on a paper that is due tomorrow. I should, er, start that... {Don't worry, it's only one page.}


-Getting warm chocolate chip cookies in first period. :)

-Re-reading "The Book Thief" in its entirety on Tuesday. Love that book.

-Coming home and finding brownies.

-Spring break is in one week and one day. My cousins are coming down and we're going to San Antonio for a couple of days. I'm pumped!

-And only one more day until the weekend. Can never get here soon enough...

-Spring! I'm loving all this green grass, sunshine and flowers. :)

-All of you followers!

How was your Thursday? Awkward? Awesome? Do tell.



  1. My Thursday was awesome! Since I'm homeschooled and some major painting was going on at my house today, I got to slack off and get two books and a magazine from the bookstore. :D

  2. I'm really thinking hiccups come in spurts. I'm on a hiccup spurt right now and I'd rather be quite over it.

  3. Ooo I love your awesome points...cookies and brownies delicious!

    Thats for stopping by my blog!

    xx Carina

  4. mmm, coming home and finding brownies is so AWESOME!

  5. I looooooooove the Book Thief! It is definitely one of the best books I have read. ;)


  6. haha, when me and my friends see or do somthing awkward, we turn to eachother, (or other) and say "Awkward spray! *Cshsch..cshcsh..*"


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