Thursday, January 01, 2015

2014 (hi again)

Another year, another end-of-the-year playlist. You know the drill. With these I'm not so much worried about, like, the flow from song to song as much as I am just getting every song somewhere in there. Actually, that's not entirely true: it always starts off somewhat chronologically and then devolves into a mess and then I try to cap it off with something marginally less depressing than what I usually listen to. That's my #formula.

Some themes that may appear in this playlist: youth, the passage of time, uh, transience, being a person is scary, and embarrassing, loving people is awful and sometimes worthwhile, growing up sucks, beauty and love persist, maybe things will get better, I want to go home. Basically. This whole year/playlist can be summed up by this one lyric from Ribs: "It drives you crazy, getting old." God bless Lorde for just Getting It.

This is a pretty conclusive summary of my year, I have to say, with the notable exception of the missing Taylor Swift. She's not on Spotify, but 1989 is definitely in my year and in my heart. Just know that. Here ya go:

I wrote a whole post about the highlights of this year to go with this playlist, but I deleted it. It wasn't  exactly a terrible year, but then again, what is? I just don't want to think about it anymore. It happened. I wrote about it, in other places, in bits and pieces. Maybe you can read about it someday in like thirty years when I'm a busy but fulfilled mother of three diving into her formative experiences again in her latest essay collection, available at all major retailers. I mean. Who knows. It was a weird year, and really hard, but at least I grew in appreciation and love for the people around me, including, possibly, myself, and at least I am permitted the privilege to dip my toes into a new year, a new day, full of possibility, if not promise. At least there is this.

Here's to 2015. Wishing you all blessings in the new year. xx