Friday, July 08, 2011

the light in the morning

listening to: the Civil Wars (on repeat) because... I might go see them!

This morning, I woke up early, in time to see the sunrise. That was one of my goals this summer, so I was happy to be able to check it off my list. I quieted my alarm, threw on some clothes (my shirt, it turns out, was inside out---but hey, it was dark!) and tip-toed outside. I couldn't really see much of anything; my view was obscured by the trees. I sat there, with my camera. I sat and I watched and I waited. I saw a little blur of pink through the branches, as the sun rose up, inching into the sky. The leaves became golden.

I waited a little longer, until the sun was high enough to bathe everything with a heavenly glow.

I think this is my favorite. Mr Simba, what are you looking at?

I love mornings, how calm and beautiful they are, and most of all, how each one feels like a fresh start. But at the same time, I feel most alive, the most creative, in the evenings/nights. Hmm...

Also, today is my dear mother's birthday. Happy Birthday, Mom!

Have a great day, everyone! What are you all up to? I'm not sure what I'm going to do today...go swimming, read some more, hmm... The possibilities!

Happy Friday! (It is Friday, right?)



  1. Gorgeous photos. I love the morning light, it's so full of possibility. And happy birthday Kendall's mum! :)

  2. wow these pictures are absolutely stunning! loove the sunflare<3

  3. Once I stayed up all night to watch the sunrise... I was on the wrong side of the house.

  4. Beautiful, beautiful photos! Happy birthday to your mom! :)

  5. Beautiful post Kendall and what a nice tribute to your mom!
    Aunt Nancy

  6. These are beautiful! I'm going to have to get up at sunrise and do this! :)

  7. love the cat pictures! :) so pretty! :D


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