Wednesday, July 13, 2011

birthday recap

I had a lovely birthday yesterday. Thank you all for your kind wishes! My day started off with my favorite breakfast (which, if you've been here for a while, you might remember is chocolate chip pancakes ;). Then I opened presents. Among other things, I received a Barnes & Noble gift card (which I've already used up, hehe) and some TOMS, which are really comfortable.

I'm doing a three-week writing camp (from 9-12) so I had that in the morning. And in the afternoon?

The Civil Wars! I was originally going to go to their concert, but then it sold out. However I found out later they were also doing a free performance at a record store. Fate. We (my mom, sister and I) had to wait out in the blistering sun for a while, but I think it was worth it. We were pretty close, much closer than we would have been at the real concert, and I got their autographs! And a high five. And their CD. But we had to pay for that. :P Anyway, it was amazing and I'm so glad it worked out.

That's my camera zoomed in as far as it will go (55mm) with no cropping/editing.

We ended the day with some ice cream. My flavor of choice? Gryffindor Tower. (It was pink with M&Ms, and I don't know exactly what it was but it tasted good, so that's all that matters.) They also had Butterbeer and the Sorting Hat. Oh, yes.

Have I mentioned how excited I am for tomorrow night? Only a hundred times? Well. I am prepared to cry a lot. Is anyone else seeing Harry Potter at midnight tomorrow? (Mayrose, you can put your hand down.)

Taz is very excited, too, as you can tell.



  1. Happy birthday!

    Q: How did you make your header? you know, the way you put images together and save them as one?
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  2. I'm seeing it at midnight! I have a camp from 9-12 also and I'm really not excited to wake up on Friday morning... but it's worth it! :)
    The second picture of your Toms is really cool.

  3. You got to see The Civil Wars? Kendall, I am so happy for you! I actually just danced in front of the computer screen. Writing camp sounds pretty amazing. Would you share some of what you've written recently? I'd love to read it.
    And I've said before that I'm not into Harry Potter--maybe one day!--but that icecream sounds delicious.

  4. where did you get that cool ice cream? I want some- the name sounds really cool. And that's pretty SWEET that you got to watch the civil wars- a great birthday present, I think. I, too am excited for HP. Dressing up... are you?

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  5. GAH about the Civil Wars (whom I love), and double GAH about Harry Potter. Seeing it at 12:15am on Friday morning...not dressing up per se, but I'm gonna have a wand, and more jewelry than you can imagine. =')


    However, I am going to cry sooooo much.

  7. I know I already said this on Twitter, but I'm so incredibly happy that you got to see the Civil Wars - and on your birthday! That's amazing. And, hurray for TOMS! I know, they're crazy comfortable. It's like wearing slippers. ;)

  8. Happy belated Birthday! I'm dressing up as Mrs. Weasley for the premiere. Are you dressing up?

  9. OMG I love Toms! They are amazingg!!
    Looks like you had an amazzingggg birthday :)

    ps. i really wanted to see the HP movie, but im at my country house so i can't :(

  10. LOOKIE!

    Thanks for helping me kendall! :) PLEASE FOLLOW :) It would mean alot to me:)

  11. libby: certainly! I'll do a post like that soon. :)
    flor: it's at a local ice cream place.
    kaylie: yes, i am dressing up! luna, i think, but i'm still in the process. :) mrs. weasley...that's a good one!

  12. Hi Kendall! I love your blog.... I live down in the southern hemisphere, so it's winter, and we're currently at school. harry potter 7 has already been released here: it was released at 12:01am 2 days ago! I was going to see it at midnight with my best friends, but we had school the next day, so we couldn't. But we're seeing at 9:30 tonight, and I am so excited! You should dress up, definitely! We're freaking out and I am sure that you are too, and I am certain that me and my best friends will cry heaps!

    Enjoy the Movie!

    Lily :)

  13. Love the toms, love the cat, and jealous that you got to see the Civil Wars! I was supposed to see them in June but I had to sell my ticket!

  14. Great pictures! You are SO lucky to have seen The Civil Wars! I love them so much. Their music is wonderful. :)

  15. Your birthday sounded so fun! I'm glad it was such a good day. TOMS, bookstore gift cards, chocolate chip pancakes, you sound like my kind of girl!


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