Friday, July 01, 2011

camp adventures

I woke up today, and it was July. The first day of a new month, but also the last day of camp.

I hate good byes. No one likes them, but other people can deal better. I just get sad, thinking of all the good memories, all the people and places I will miss. But enough of that: I'd rather remember with happiness those good memories than be sad about them being over.

Yesterday, our animal visitor was a ferret.
"So, what do you guys know about ferrets?"
"They can fly!"
Um. Not quite. Good try, though! (But did you know that ferrets are actually predators and ferocious and smelly? I almost got to hold one, except I was too chicken and just pet it instead.)

This afternoon we took a really cool hike. We hike practically every day (went to the Botanical Gardens yesterday -- twice!) but this was probably the prettiest. I wish I'd had my camera. It was so green and rocky, but so nice. We saw some turtle eggs (they'd already hatched) and had to skedaddle around poison ivy several times, but I think I'm safe.

At camp, Fridays are always Splash Day, where we go down to a creek and play in the water. It's only, like, a foot deep at the deepest parts, so not real swimming. This afternoon, around four-ish, I was walking around, getting my feet wet, when I looked up at the sky. Big, dark clouds were gathering up ahead.

We (the counselor and other CIT, that is) were talking about how much we loved thunderstorms and how much we needed the rain, because the whole state is in a dreadful drought right now. And then, well, I think you can guess what happened next. The leaves on the trees began to dance as the wind blew, the temperature suddenly felt cooler, and then...

And then. It started. To rain.

(You have to read that really dramatically, pausing purposefully at each period, raising your eyebrows for the full effect. I'm serious.)

Everyone went crazy. The kids, who are normally hyperactive, went wild. Screams pierced the air, everyone was running around like the world was ending. Well. It was. We ran helter-skelter back to the trailhouse, and I watched the rain fall through the window as I curled up on the carpet. It was really nice and warm and I wished the rain had continued. It didn't.

So, that was my day, or my week, or my last two weeks. It's exhausting and hilarious and rewarding. I'm sad that it's over but I'm happy to have more free time. This month, I'm looking forward to movies, birthday cake (three birthdays this month -- one is mine ;), sleepovers, writing lots, the Fourth of July on Monday, and tons more. It should be a good month.



  1. I've decided to turn over a new leaf and start running! That's my goal for this month.

  2. The rain sounds so nice! There is nothing like a good, warm, summer rain. :)

  3. Love thunderstorms--except for the power cuts. And rain is amazing.

  4. Aww!! My uncle used to have ferrets, they are SUPER cute I love holding them!

  5. rain! who doesn't love it? the rain sounded nice, perfect timing too! have a great summer and birthday!


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