Monday, July 18, 2011

in pursuit of creativity

Yesterday, for no real reason, I decided to dig out some watercolors. I'm glad I did; it's a perfect activity for a summer Sunday afternoon.

Maybe it's weird, but I find paint-sets oddly beautiful. Perhaps it's the rainbow of colors or the thought they can create something magical. I'm not sure, but I love the haphazard drips scattered on the white. Like it's a whole other canvas itself.

I'm not really what you would call an artist, least not in the field of paint. I always have trouble coming up with ideas, and even then, it looks sloppy. But there's something so soothing about dipping your brush into the water, the paint, the paper. I don't even care how the finished product looks. I just like watercolors.

Hello there. How's your Monday been? Mine was rather tiring, with my camp in the morning and then helping out with my mom's camp. Now is relaxation time, though I have a whole other list of things to do. For instance, I decided rather spontaneously, at 9:30 last night, to reorganize my bookshelves. This is quite a feat, and it isn't half done yet. I've weeded out a few books I no longer care for that I'm going to give to my friend, which is a start. I also have some library books that were kind of due on Saturday, so that needs to happen. *shifty eyes*

Oh yeah, and speaking of creative stuff...something exciting (well, to me) is coming. More on that later. ;) In the mean time, I think I'll go destroy my journal some more...


P.S. I re-wrote my about me page. Check it out if you don't have anything better to do. :)


  1. Where did you get the journal? I REALLLLLLLY want one of those, but...I have no idea where to find one!

  2. Oh, and the drawing is gorgeous! =)

  3. Kendall, I am super glad you didn't write that music is your life and you said that everyone likes music. You made me think that maybe not everyone who can play an instrument thinks "OMG MUSIC IS MY LIFE." Thank you for that. You have made me happy.

    Also, neither of us will ever get our Hogwarts letters! You know WHY?

    ... Because you're a moogle. No, just kidding, because Hogwarts is only for Brits and Scots and such. JK Rowling said so herself.

  4. love that journal- and rachel i believe you can get them at barnes and noble- or even amazon. it's called Wreck this journal, fyi. PS. I love watercolors too, but even better? COLORED INKS!

    xoxo flor

  5. Oooh, I adore watercolors! Sometimes I just decide to splatter a page with all sorts of colors, for no reason at all :P

  6. Like anna said above... Splattering a page with watercolours is so much fun! It's pretty cathartic too.
    I'm excited about the thing that I don't know about that you're excited about, if that sentence even makes sense.

  7. The other day, I got a letter in the mail advertising a college (scary!), but they called the letter an owl! Then they wrote about their Quidditch team. :) Awesome watercolor!

  8. Painting with watercolours is so much fun! Especially when you splatter paper with paint! :D

  9. Prettiness! I am about the WORST art person (I can't call myself an artist ;)) ever, but I still enjoy making pictures with watercolors. Even if they look like they were drawn by a five year old. ;)

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  11. Hey! I have that book!
    {awesome pictures by the way!}


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