Thursday, July 28, 2011

awkward + awesome thursday

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Time for some awkward turtles* and awesomesauce.


-This heat. It's only 94 right now! If I was saying that out loud right now, there would be no trace of sarcasm in my voice, because that is cool compared to the temperature at five o'clock. Sigh.

-Construction in front of my house. Still. *sigh*

-Eating so much I felt like I was going to throw up. We went out to dinner last night for my dad's birthday, and I got this really delicious pasta dish. It was so I ate it all. After that, even just looking at any food made me want to run straight to the bathroom.

-Having the same lyrics stuck in your head. Over...and over...and over again.

-Dead grass. In the background. It feels like hay when you step on it. Fun fact.

It's especially awkward when it's right next to barely-alive-but-still-green grass. It's like an weird tan line...

-Having ten (literally) tabs open at once and trying to click on the right one. It rarely happens on the first try.


-Having money to spend. Plain & simple.

-The other night, I had a dream where I was on the Harry Potter and Hunger Games set... simultaneously? It was really awesome, and I was friends with Emma Watson...and then I woke up.

-Cookies. Om nom nom. The recipe says it makes 112 so I cut it in half. We still have a lot. ;)

-I'm so famous, you guys. I was interviewed! You can read it here. :)

-Vacation! I can't wait to go to DC. See my family, stay in a hotel, take lots of pictures. Travel on public transportation. I love being a tourist.

-Funny people? I don't know, I needed to put something else here.

What's awkward and awesome for you this fine Thursday?


*Mayrose, if you're reading this, when I wrote that I thought of knock turtles. Just so you know. Which is awesome. 


  1. Awkward: The looks I'm going to get when I go to the mall with my brother and my dad.

    Awesome: My "This is my brother, not my son" shirt.

  2. Harry Potter + Hunger Games = Potter Games! have you seen this website?

    It's making my Thursday awesome :)

  3. Awkward: the word awkward. It's just... awkward.
    Awesome: Summer--and all that it entails.
    I laughed at your comment about the tan line grass, but the stupid kind of laugh where you're supposed to be researching your art homework, not reading blogs, so it's more of a splutter. And that was awkward.

  4. Awkward: When people say, "THAT'S awkward," when there's a pause in a conversation. It just makes the situation more awkward. This happens with my friends WAY too often.
    Awesome: My epical picnic today :D
    Loveloveloved the post!

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