Wednesday, July 06, 2011

are we human, or are we dancer?

This is what I did today.

Untitled from Kendall Rose on Vimeo.

Things you should know:
  1. It is mostly starring my friend (the dancer) but both my sisters make guest appearances. As do I at one short point, and I look dumb, and that is why I preferred to stay behind the scenes most of the time. 
  2. We could not figure out how to edit out the background noise in iMovie, so that is why at some parts you will hear some...noise. Also: the singing at one point = not me.
  3. It gets better after the first 50 seconds or so, at least in my opinion. ;)  
  4. It was uploaded through Vimeo, so I hope everyone can see it.
  5. The song is Human, by the Killers.
  6. I do not own the music, etc.
  7. I know it's not the best, but we had fun. :)



  1. I love that song, Human by the Killers!! My computer won't let me see the It's because my mom has blocked all video-watching sites.

  2. The construction site! And I like the video, I never work hard enough to finish any I begin.

  3. I LOVE this song! There's a YouTube clip of them singing it at Royal Albert Hall that I watch, like, way too much. They have such great energy. This song makes me want to move. You did a great job with this. So glad you shared it!


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