Friday, June 03, 2011

a summer list.

This isn't really a list of things I'd like to accomplish by the end of the summer--it's more of a guide for ways I'd like to spend my days, if that makes sense. 

A plum tart made by my dad...yum!

  • bake things - I'd like to get in the kitchen more and be a better 'chef' if you will. Plus, I like the end result of baked goods. Mmm...
  • visit the farmers' market - I've already done this, but it's such a summery thing to do, and it's good to support locally grown food, too.
  • travelI leave for Hawaii a week from today (eek!) & I'll try to blog a few times while I'm there, but there won't be picture-filled posts until I return.
    Then, the first week of August, I'm in Washington D.C., where there won't be time for this sort of thing. The week after that, I'm in California (I know, right?) which'll be more laid back. I still don't know what to during those weeks when I'm out--guest posts, scheduled posts, or just leave up a notice saying I'll be gone? Thoughts?
  • go berry-picking - It's something I've always wanted to do. I just think it would be fun to do with my family--and I could get some cool photos. ;)
  • learn songs on guitar - I need to practice guitar more, and I think one way I could make it more fun is if I played songs that I actually listen to. 
  • go to the library - Self-explanatory, I hope.
  • listen to live music - There's always tons of live music being played around my city, especially during the summer, and it's nice just sit back and relax and listen...
  • practice driving - I turn fifteen in July so theoretically I could get my learner's permit soon but I need to learn & practice a lot more...And what better time than during the summer, when I don't have anything else to do?
  • exercise - Ride bikes, play tennis or soccer, whatever I can. I need to stay healthy. :P
  • see Harry Potter at midnight - The midnight premiere of the last Harry Potter movie (sob) is definitely not something I am going to miss. I will be there no matter what, and I will probably cry. I will also probably see it again, with my sister or my cousin later. 
  • swim - What is summer without swimming? Really, people!
  • go thrift shopping - I have lots of things I want to buy (shoes, belts, shorts...) and there are lots of cool thrift stores around. Add these together and it's like a treasure hunt. Only, I need money...
  • try various crafty projects - I always see all these awesome things other people are making, and I'd like to experiment with some DIY projects. I could liven up my room or make birthday presents with handmade things.
  • watch the sunrise - I hate getting up early, but I've always wanted to watch the sunrise, and I can't really do that during the school year...Well, I could, but I'd be a zombie the next day...
  • write write write - How else am I going to improve? I've been slacking off a bit in this department but now that there's more time I hope I can write more.
So, those are some things I'd like to do this summer! I may not get to do them all, but I hope I can accomplish as many as I can. What about you? Got any goals or things you'd like to do this summer?



  1. Watching the sunrise is one of my favourite things to do--and I usually go back to bed afterwards! Also, listening to more live music would be great, as here too there are loads of free performances.
    As for posting whilst you're away, I think a mix of scheduled & guest blogs would be nice, but you're on holiday, so don't stress about it or pressure yourself to get blogs sorted.

  2. I love these! I have a list that's close to this... There's so much to do in the summer! :) I think you should have guest posts! :)

  3. this is a great list! i LOVE going to farmer's markets, too. there are always so many interesting finds! i hope you have a lovely summer..xx

  4. This list is just perfect. Would you mind if I tagged along with you on your Summer adventures? ;)

    Live music is definitely on my Summer list, too. I'll probably go see M. Ward {'Him' of 'She & Him'} at a Folk Festival, and if the ticket prices aren't too bad and the timing is right, I'll go see The Weepies, too.

    Like you, I hate getting up early. But this Summer, I pledge to get up and see the sunrise at least once.

  5. i'm so with you. this list totally summarizes what i want my summer to be.
    i want it to be relaxed, but not boring. know what i mean?

  6. now that is my idea of a relaxing yet fun summer! love love love summer!

  7. Aaah, summer! Wow, your trips sound amazing! Hawaii is beautiful, and I can guarantee you'll love California! :)

    A day in July last summer, I couldn't fall sleep. At 3 a.m, I texted my best friend asking her if she was awake, and surprisingly, she was! We both talked until 5:30, and we both got to see the sun rise. (Then I went right to bed..) Hehe!


  8. that plum tart looks yummy... so lucky to see harry potter @ midnight, i can't because it is a school night for me :( have a great summer!

  9. thrift shopping and harry potter(: xx

  10. wow, we pretty much have the same summer list!

  11. Need to get to that summer list, too! I love the simplicity of your photos- keep 'em comin'!


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