Thursday, June 30, 2011

halfway point

It's the last day of June...the last day of the first half of the year (wow!). I thought I'd take the time today to see what I've accomplished so far this year & set goals for the rest of it.

As you may or may not know, my One Word for this year is smile.

That word is my mantra, my motto, my resolution. 

When I wrote my first post on this topic, way back in January, I was thinking more about physically smiling, so other people can see. But I've realized that it's turned into more of a mental/emotional thing. Of smiling internally, noticing the little things and being happy about them.

I definitely feel like I've become more conscious of my feelings and moods and how I can change them. Instead of whining, I try to pause and think about the good things. I try to smile instead.

A surprise goodie basket of candy from a counselor...that makes me smile.
Seeing kids running around, having fun...that makes me smile.
Listening to my favorite songs...that makes me smile.
Even just snapping pictures with my mom's iPhone on the way home from camp (hint: these)...that makes me smile.

Looking forward, for the rest of this year, I'd like to...

...continue being grateful for the small things more in the moment, instead of wishing for something in the future or longing for the past (this is something I'm working on)
...not be afraid to really smile if I am happy (too often I try to hold my emotions in -- but this is all about letting it out!)
...try to reach out to others and help them smile, too

Do you have a one word for 2011? If so, how's it going so far?

lots of smiles,


  1. You're so inspiring, dear Kendall. I've found that I have become a lot more positive and appreciative of the little things this year. It makes me so happy that you are, too!

    These Instagram photos are lovely, as well. What is your name on Instagram? Like you, I love borrowing my Mom's iPhone to use the wonderful app. So fun!

  2. I think my word for the year so far has been ambition...I'm almost done with college and the "real job" thing is becoming serious now.

  3. My word was "positive", and I think it's working, although in the opposite of what you said, I now need to start smiling outwardly, as well as being happy inside.

  4. Wow! What a beautiful and inspiring post. I wish I would have known about this "oneword" thing before now. Maybe I'll have to start it here on July 1st. <3

  5. I don't hav a one word, but I HAVE noticed that I'm laughing a lot more, so I GUESS my word would be laugh. :D


  6. My word for this year is unicorn(s). There's not enough of them in life.

    Are there male unicorns?


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