Tuesday, June 28, 2011

seven wonders of today

#1. National Geographic came in the mail.

And, darn it, any day I get new reading material is a happy day. Enough said.

(Now, to find time to read it...)

#2. Cherry Pomegranate Sorbet.

It didn't look anything like the pictures (nothing ever does, to be honest) but it tasted delicious, and frankly, that's all that matters. It's very sweet and the chunks of cherry add a nice touch of flavor. A bowl of sorbet is perfect with a side of a nice summer novel--this is what I'm re-reading. :)

(This is the recipe I used for the sorbet, in case you're curious.)

#3. Empire State Blue. 

What is that, you ask? It is the current color of my nails. What this particular shade of blue has to do with the Empire State is beyond me. But it is pretty, kind of like how the ocean would look if it looked like how oceans are supposed to look. (If that makes any sense.)

I always feel cool with newly painted nails. Like I can take on the world. Yaaaaa!

#4. The annoying construction is actually good for something.

Remember that construction from earlier in the year? It's back and better worse than ever. Bulldozers and backhoes and all those loud machinery of which I do not care to learn the names, right in front of our house. They make noise and vibrations and we have to park our cars down the road. Anyway, today I finally figured out what's good about it.

Whenever I go outside to take pictures of something, I either have to go to the mosquito-infested, un-mowed backyard, or the front yard, where I am faced with stares by neighbors and passing lay-people. But now? The constructions blocks it all! So I can take pictures in peace! Ha! Also, the things are fun to climb on. Just be sure to wear shoes.

#5. Yep...I'm still addicted.

By that I mean to assure you that, yes, here are even more pictures of flowers. Feast your eyes -- but look closely. Who spies the ants? I do! *backs away slowly*

Also, I just remembered that these are called cone flowers! At first I thought they were corn flowers, but then I googled that and realized...those were something different.

#6. Going through my bedside table drawer.

Oh boy. I have so much junk in there. Every time I reach in, something falls out. Usually it's a headband. But seriously. I have stuff in there from, like, fourth grade. Why do I keep it? A lot of it is jewelry that I never wear...beaded bracelets, earrings missing pairs, plastic rings. There's probably at least a hundred ponytail holders; no joke. I also found this necklace today.

I remember I got this when I was eleven; my best friend and I got matching ones at this store. #nostalgia I haven't worn it in ages because it's like a choker. But I decided to show you because I don't hate this picture.

#7. I should go to bed.

I know, I know, this isn't a wonder. But it is a fact, and it is also a fact that I have to shower and practice guitar before I go to sleep also. So...good night.

Any wonders of your day?



  1. Gorgeous post. Very sweet and inspiring! <3

  2. I love your posts, Kendall. These wonders were interesting!

  3. Oh my - that cherry pomegranate sorbet looks delicious. And it must be, since the recipe's from 'Honey & Jam'. I quite enjoyed reading your wonders. They made me smile. :)

  4. I cannot express to you how much I love pomegranate. It's my favorite fruit by far, and, of course, that sorbet looks amazing.

  5. That sorbet looks so delicious, and your wonders made me smile.

  6. New York's flag is blue. And New York is the Empire State. Maybe that's why? (I'm from NY).


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