Friday, June 17, 2011

blue skies & blue ice (hawaii part four).

Wednesday, after I blogged, we went to a lighthouse. This one, in fact. A cute little thing, built in 1913 (I think), but no longer in use. We couldn't actually go inside the lighthouse because of repairs (which was pretty funny considering they still charged us $10 but...) but we got to walk around it & the view was spectacular.

Fact: I have always thought it would be kinda fun to live in a lighthouse.

Another fact: I am fond of this picture. >>

That afternoon we drove to Kapa'a to look in some stores. On the way there: hundreds of palm trees! So many palm trees! An army of palm trees!

On the way back, my grandma got thirsty so we all got shave ice. It was humongous! (It took me like five tries to spell that word, nbd.) I got vanilla which turned out to be blue (?) but it still tasted exactly like vanilla. Ah, the power of modern day science! Anyway...I ate it all. :)

Yesterday was a pretty great day. We biked about ten miles around the beach and then went to this adorable little cafe. I got mango iced tea, mhm. Then in the afternoon we went to the beach. It was semi-raining but the waves were good yet not too powerful and I actually managed to boogie board (gawd. What an awkward word).

Today, I'm going to boogie-board more and watch my dad surf (interesting). Tomorrow we're going to kayak early in the morning, and Sunday is our last day here. We leave that afternoon/evening/I really have no idea and then spend the night on the plane and arrive home Monday midday. The last time I've flown overnight was to Germany, ten years ago, but I still remember it being dark and getting blankets and stuff.

Tangent (because I'm on the topic of my trip to Germany): If you count airports, then I've been to England & France. I mean, my body was physically within the borders of those countries, therefore, in a manner of speaking, I've visited them. What now? I want to really-actually visit them some day, too, of course. :P But until then...

Have a great weekend!



  1. Such lovely pictures. I now want to visit Hawaii.

  2. Sounds like your having fun! Great photos :)

  3. Moustaches should rule the world. Fo' sure!! And I can't believe someone else wants to be a wizard too! That's acetown! <3 :D

    Luna. ~.@

  4. it looks beautiful there! looks like you're having a good time :)

  5. Such pretty pictures! Hawaii seems like the most beautiful place :) I hope to go there someday!

  6. I love the lighthouse picture. it's a shame that they didn't let you go in, despite the $10 (rip-off, perhaps?). I bet you're having a blast, who wouldn't? it's hawaii. enjoy it.

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  7. Another Bon Iver fan! :D

    You must get to London one day! I fell in love with the city. It's my second favorite city behind my one, my only...New York City.

    Have a wonderful time in Hawaii! I'm jealous!

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  8. I've been to England, but never Hawaii! I'm jealous! France is still on my to-do list too... These pictures are stunning by the way!


  9. Oh my. The first & second photos caused me some major wanderlust. I now want to live in a lighthouse. Or at least explore one... :)


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