Monday, June 06, 2011

everything in between.

Today was full of reading, writing (mostly staring off into space trying to come up with the right words, to be honest) and swimming. What average verbs. Well, it was an average day.

{both photos taken with my mom's iPhone}

I woke up this morning from a strange dream involving standardized tests and brownies. I wrote emails, read, had a breakfast of pancakes. Browsed blogs, tried to write. Had a lunch of leftover soup and homemade bread. Tried to write some more. Went swimming, had a mango Italian ice, spent time in the sun. Ate a dinner of chicken, rice and salad. And now here I am again, trying again to write.

I'm currently suffering from the antithesis of writer's block, which also happens to have to same results. By that I mean that I have too many ideas swirling around in my head and none of them can come out coherently, so I end up with nothing. Like writer's block. And it's awfully annoying. When I do force my fingers to the keyboard, or to the pen, all that come out are fragments; words, phrases, never whole thoughts. I know what I want to say, I just don't know how to say it. 

If I do manage to sort out my thoughts you can expect some random writing, book reviews, pictures of chickens and other things. Probably food, too. I like food. Anyway, have a terrific day! :)



  1. woaaaaah I had a weird dream about standardized testing (except it was college tests, and those are nerve-racking anyways) and something involving this guy I knew last year.

  2. Your day sounds beautiful! Well, except for the writer's block. I've been suffering from that lately, as well. This sentence you wrote;

    "By that, I mean I have too many ideas swirling around in my head and none of them can come out coherently, so I end up with nothing."

    That is far too true for me, as well. Here's to hoping we defeat the blockage soon! :)

  3. a pretty good day, not including the writer's block. i have that often to. i have this amazing idea forming i my head, i get it into words but then it dissolves. is that sort of the same thing? anyway, good luck with your writer's block - hope you'll get over it soon!

    <3 amalia xx

  4. I get the words in the right order inside, but the moment I try and put them on paper? They fizzle away. I hear it compared to catching fireflies a lot.


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