Saturday, June 11, 2011

aloha to the aloha state (hawaii part one).

Well, I finally made it to Kauai yesterday, after waking up before the sun and sitting on an airplane for an ungodly amount of hours.

And--can I just say--it is beautiful. Despite the fact that it has literally rained about six times since we got here, it feels terrific outside. A breeze keeps it from getting too hot, and it's all very mild and temperate and nice. I'm sitting with the windows open, listening to the wind rush through the palm trees.

This is the view from the front of the house that we're renting. ^^

Yep, it's rained a lot. Never for very long though; only a few minutes usually. It's how everything stays so lush and vibrant! Like this:

The back has a little patio and then looks out onto a golf course. It is perfect for playing frisbee at sunset.

Look, a UFO!

I'm suffering from awful jet lag, though. We're five hours behind our normal time, so it's taking some getting used to. I woke up initially at five-thirty this morning, to the sound of rain and roosters (there are chickens all over the place!). I managed to go sleep for another hour but I'm still so tired, and my eating habits are off too. Oh, well!

Pretty bird! I've seen them a lot but they're elusive, i.e.  they won't sit still.

We went to the beach this morning. It was remarkably bereft of people, although I guess the fact that it was only eight o'clock had something to do with it. That time change again... Anyway, it was nice, though I am not a fan of salt water at all. I'll show pictures of the beach soon; that deserves its own post, I think.

Then we walked around town and got burgers for lunch. Afterwards we drove around some more, looking at the scenery. We stopped at one place where there was a cave on one side of the road and a beach on the other. It was neat.

Even the grass is pretty... or I'm just weird.

And here I am, writing this from my mother's laptop (what great inventions!). I'm sleepy but we're going to make brownies so that should perk me up. ;)

I'll blog more later. Until then, have a great day!



  1. love the pictures. It is very lush and green. I personally have never been there, but it sure looks really nice.

    and you are not weird, because that grass is pretty. :)

  2. Glad you're having fun! Hawaii looks and sounds really beautiful.

  3. Oooh, looks lovely! I'm glad you're having a great time in Hawaii! It reminds me of my home a bit. Now I'm homesick for Papua New Guinea. :(

  4. It looks beautiful. And the grass is gorgeous. And the sunset is amazing. I can't wait to hear/see/read more!

  5. These are stunnnnnnnninggg! I've already told you how JEALOUS I am!

    It reminds me of when Sims go on vacation... :P

  6. I really want to go on vacation right now.

  7. I love your pictures and your blog! You're so lucky you're in Hawaii. I still have a week left of school :(

  8. Your in Kauai?! How fun! Wow, those pictures are gorgeous! I can't believe your in Hawaii, that's so amazing! :D I hope I can go back someday.

    Looking forward to more of your beautiful posts!

  9. Love the UFO photo! And the grass is gorgeous and something I would take a picture of also. I am so intrigued by the simpliest things but I think its a good trait- It makes you think about how lucky we are to live here on earth and how GREAT out God is! :)


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