Thursday, June 23, 2011

flowers in jars & more.

Because I still haven't taken any pictures since I got home (my battery is low),
...because I am tired and lazy,
...and because these pictures just cheer me up,
we are taking a short trip back in time today, to a much cooler and lush place...

On our last morning in Hawaii, which was also Father's Day, we went to this place for brunch. It has a restaurant, as well as surrounding gardens where the food is grown. It was really neat & I couldn't resist taking pictures of everything. Unfortunately, I forgot my camera, but my mom had hers, luckily.

I love these decorations. They're so simple but they really brighten up the table. 

They also had some select produce for sale. You take what you want and then you put the right amount of money in a box. Pretty trusting!

After eating, we walked around a bit. We saw the gardens first--positively blooming with bright flowers and vegetables--and then I noticed the goats. When I first approached them, they all shied away, but then one came back. Soon enough, they were all back at the fence. And they were loud. (I was going to upload a video of the goats, buuut Blogger was being extremely slow and I have no patience. So, sorry! Maybe another time.)


Quote of the day:
kid: I eat ants.
me: That's kinda gross.
kid: No, it's not. They taste like lemons!



  1. I like the decorations too! When I get my own place, I want to buy mason jars as glasses :)

  2. Wow, that's so quaint and gorgeous! <3

  3. Where you went for lunch looks so beautiful. I love the flowers in the jars. So lovely.

    Also the quote at the bottom made me laugh, and I am really craving french toast now. ^_^

  4. It looks so pretty, and made me hungry for french toast, and also desperate to pick flowers! And the quote at the bottom made me laugh.

  5. Those flowers are so pretty!! And that quote is too funny :)


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