Saturday, June 25, 2011

june afternoons

"Summer afternoon, summer afternoon; to me, those have always been the two most beautiful words in the English language."
--Henry James

Quite true, this quote! Whilst searching through a quotation website to find the proper credit for it, I noticed so many other lovely sayings about summer. They all made me remember why I love it so much.

This morning was spent running errands; getting new tennis shoes and the like, with a refreshing stop at Jamba Juice on the way. They have a smoothie called Razzmatazz, which I always get because a) it is delicious, and b) it has my cat's name in it. Hee-hee. We also went to the library so I got stocked up on some reading material.

Well, this afternoon was a rather lazy one, although I hate using that word because I did do stuff, just not the running-around kind. 

For one thing, I made some tea (iced, of course. It's simply too hot for anything else). I have to confess: this is the first time I've ever made it for myself. Usually I just make my dad do it or get somewhere else. Buuut it turned out alright. :)

I read a little bit of an old favorite while sipping on my refreshing concoction and eating a burrito for lunch (I can't escape my Texan roots!). I would have read more but I get too distracted by other things. Like the tripod I dug out of the closet today. I happily discovered that my camera fits pretty much perfectly on it. You know what that means! Actually, I don't, although I am thinking more selfies. Yes, I am terribly narcissistic, too.

On an unrelated note, I have gotten a bit more into journalling lately; primarily poems & lists & short paragraphs of thoughts and feelings whenever the mood strikes. It mostly strikes at eleven at night, but whatever. My journal is everything I can't say out loud, my true, however cheesy, feelings. If anyone ever read it, I think I would die. 

My afternoon was spent in the company of some of my most beloved things, books and cameras and ice-cold glasses of tea. Tell me, what is your favorite way to spend a June afternoon?


P.S. I have just realized it is past six. What? It feels like three. Well then.


  1. This post is ADORABLE.

    Oh my goodness, now I'm seriously craving some iced tea! <3

  2. It was surprisingly chilly here today, as well as overcast, but I still managed to get outside and go for a long bike ride with my little sister. We also played tennis for a short while. :)

  3. Wow! That sounds great! :) I live in Texas, too! :)

  4. Harry Potter! I can't wait for the movie :) I love the lighting in your photos.

  5. Hmm...I think I like it best lying on the beach. <3

  6. Today has been beautiful. Made iced coffee, ate a pastry for lunch and did some crafting. I'm just doing some online gubbins, and then I'll go back out into the garden and feed Sallydog ice cubes--it's all that battles heat for a black labrador!
    I love peeking into sweltering Texan life. Here these sunny days are few & far between, but I always feel like it's summer after reading your posts.

  7. Oh, simple afternoons. How I love thee. ;)
    Your homemade iced tea looks delicious. To me, sun-tea {iced tea brewed in the sun}, is the epitome of Summer. I will drink iced tea no other way.

    Well, I think I'm going to lay out in the backyard with a picnic blanket and a good book now. After seeing the first two photos in this post, I just can't help myself!

    Have a beautiful day, Kendall.

  8. Books and tea, There a great mix! Looks like a lovely afternoon! ♥


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