Thursday, June 02, 2011

sweet, sweet summer.

As of 12:25 pm yesterday, I am no longer a freshman! I handed in my biology and English finals (and, somehow, miraculously got an A on both) and then boarded the bus, saying good bye to my school until August.

After school, I went with three of my good friends downtown, where we got Thai food from a trailer for lunch. We went back to my friend's house and then walked to the pool. One of my friends has a waterproof camera so we had a lot of fun with that.

photo taken by me with my friend's camera...stolen from facebook.

We also went in lots of stores and tried on dresses. Well, my friends did. Me, not so much. I saw some cute things, though I'd already spent all my money and none of it was in my price range anyway...

We got ice cream, too; a staple of summer. So cold, but with our heat? Gets melty pretty quick. We had Strawberry, Rocky Road, Mint Chocolate Chip. We have eclectic tastes...

Mine was the Mint Chocolate Chip. Of course.
More photos.

Huzzah for taking pictures of taking pictures!
This was seriously the only photo I got of her that didn't involve globs of sunscreen or the back of her head.

Sunlight! She looks like a model... It looked better on the camera, though.

The rest of the night was filled with movies and music and talking like only girls can. We're all going to various places this summer--New York, Minnesota, HAWAII (ahem)--so it may be a while before we can all get together again. But yesterday was a fun welcoming to summer.

And now I am home. There's a whole stack of library books waiting for me in my room, and the promise of many more sun-kissed, laughter-filled days ahead. How I love summer! :)



  1. I am now officially moving to Texas.
    That is all I have to say.
    {except for 'ohmygawdicecream?ihatelactoseintolerance'}

  2. Sweet photos! Love em' all!btw Im a new follower! :) :)

  3. awesome photos! im still counting down the days until summer comes for me! :)

  4. Oh, Summer. Every Summer blog post I see, the harder it gets to contain my excitement.

    The caption under the fourth photo, reminded me of 'Pictures of People Taking Pictures' by Jack Johnson. :)

    Have a beautiful day, Kendall!

  5. Awesome pictures! Mint chocolate chip is the best flavor. EVAR. :] I'm following your blog, by the way. :)

  6. What wonderful and summery photos. I am not a mint chocolate ice cream lover, but that picture makes me want to change my mind!

  7. Awesome pictures!!! Looks like a ton of fun :) Love the last pic!!

  8. Your going to be a sophomore? Well, *high fives*, so is this girl in 14 days! :)


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