Sunday, February 13, 2011


That is such a fun word to say. Shenanigans. Say it. I think that word sort of describes my weekends: random mischievous things, just like this photo does:

Taking pictures in the sun. All you really need is a camera and some sunglasses (those both belong to my friend, btw. Her camera has a touch screen, how cool is that?).

I love the sunflare on my hair (rhymes FTW). The sun is always out in the weekends and the weather is always nice and much warmer than during the week.

It's perfect for random poses and shadow pictures (I'm on the left, if you couldn't tell XD).

Perfect for *cough cough* exploring the construction site right in front of my house. Climbing into bulldozers and backhoes and whatever they're called. (Very dusty, by the way.)

Perfect for roaming about in flipflops and skirts left over from church that billow in the wind.

Perfect for taking pictures in the sun and relaxing and also maybe getting into some...shenanigans. What are your weekends like?



  1. shenanigans is probably one of my favorite words. Plus, it reminds me of my youth pastor, who is an amazing person.

  2. Flip flops? My fingers are slowly turning green with envy as I type... I'm still wearing coats and scarves.
    Looks like you had a fun weekend though! :)

  3. Shenanigans is like my favourtite word!!!

  4. I love the picture with the sun behind your head :) And the skirt you're wearing is so pretty!!!

  5. flip flops? already? lucky :)


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