Saturday, April 21, 2012

weekend so far

So today I tweeted something about how weird it is being a person and then someone, username Eggplant, tweets back saying it's weirder being an eggplant. That...that is why it's weird.

So, um, anyway.

Coffeehouse last night? Was fun. It's my school's version of a talent show, although it's not a competition, just a bunch of music and socializing. Despite my late arrival, it was well worth it for the crowd-surfing and head-banging and fangirl-screaming that ensued. And by that, I mean laughing at the people who were doing those things. I don't crowd-surf, guys. Not my thing. But, in all seriousness, it's so wonderful seeing people doing something they genuinely love. That's one of my favorite parts about going to things like that.

Then today I went to this Bengali festival thing, mostly for the food, because it's similar to Indian food, and Indian food is my favorite ever (except maybe Italian). I took some pictures but I don't really like how any of them turned out. I haven't taken a lot of pictures lately. I guess I've just been busy and no longer feel compelled to photograph something just for the sake of it. I'm just going through an uninspired phase. Hopefully it will pass soon.

I need to go work on my art project but this pigeon I'm drawing looks really fat and misshapen and it's not going well. I think I'm going to watch Sherlock instead. Speaking of that, whereabouts on the internet could one find Season 2 of that show? It comes on TV here in America May 6th but I'm not partial to watching TV on the TV and I don't think I'll want to wait that long, either. Thanks!

Yay for a lazy weekend without much homework or soccer games.


  1. Um - the eggplant thing comes from something off of the tv show Switched At Birth. It's a really long and involved story...

  2. Hmm, interesting. I was confused about that, but if you say so...

  3. So I just cracked up for 5 minutes at the eggplant thing xD

  4. Season 2 is difficult to find unless you're willing to pirate. Thus, I am patiently waiting for the American release because it takes so long find the episodes on the interwebs.

  5. Yeah...I figured as much. I may as well wait since I can find other ways of occupying myself until then. And then I won't have to feel guilty. :P

  6. I don't know if you can watch BBC iPlayer in America, but if you can, Sherlock might still be on there?


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