Sunday, April 08, 2012

thoughts on hair

Look what Sydney did to my hair yesterday. It took an obscene amount of bobby pins. 

My hair is getting kind of long, possibly the longest it's ever been. Ideally, I'd like for it to be a little longer, perhaps an inch or so above my elbow. As a child I always vaguely wanted long hair, as I imagine many girls do, but I never really grew it out. Now I guess I'm living my childhood dreams or something. 

Anyway, once it gets long enough, and I get tired of that, I want to cut it off to my collarbone. See, I simultaneously want long hair and short hair, and it's a bit of a conflict of interest as you can imagine. I have to settle for one at a time.

I'd also like to dye my hair sometime...not all of it, just maybe streaks or tips. That's just an experience I'd like to have, you know? I'm thinking aqua or magenta in terms of colors. The only hesitation I have is that it's such a trendy thing to do and so many people have been doing it and I'm just too much of a hipster to want to follow that. (I hope that sarcasm translates.) Maybe this summer.


  1. wow. you are funny.
    -jocee <3

  2. i have died streaks of my hair before. People told me that I looked like that girl from X-men. Don't ask me which one, I couldn't tell you.

  3. As someone who has dyed my hair many colors, DO MAGENTA. Aqua fades quicker and doesn't fade as nicely. Do tips if it's all the same length, you can cut that off easily if you don't like it. Streaks are harder to make look good, though easier to dye. And if you're willing to pay money, GO GET A PROFESSIONAL TO BLEACH YOUR HAIR. It's a pain in the butt to do it yourself and bleach is definitely permanent.
    So, to sum it up:
    - Bleach about an inch at a salon.
    - Go buy magenta hair dye (Manic Panic from Sally's if you want it to fade faster, Special Effects from Planet K for more permanent. I've used both, Manic Panic started fading after like a day and Special Effects is what I used freshman year.)
    - Get me to help you dye it since I've dyed multiple people's hair (and by that I mean 2).
    - TA DA, PINK TIPS. That you can easily cut once you're tired of it. None of that waiting like 2 years for it to grow out stuff like I did. And I STILL have blond streaks. DO NOT DO STREAKS. TIPS LOOK CUTER ANYWAYS.

    You should be so happy I'm your friend.

    1. thanks bro. I like how the 'to sum it up' section is almost longer than the paragraph above. :)

  4. Haha embrace your inner Hipster!

  5. You're hilarious, and I love that do! :)

  6. "Now I guess I'm living my childhood dreams or something." OMG KENDALL U R HILARZ


    Also, I really hope Syd Syd can do stuff like that tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!!! THAT WOULD BE SO COOL.

  7. You could shave off one side of your head and then put extensions on the other side. Sorted.

  8. Wow, that's beautiful!!! I wish I could do that to myself every single day. Lovely. And your blog is fantastic, my friend!

  9. I've wanted to tip my hair blue or something like that... Now I can't, because you just can't have blue hair at your wedding. But I do have really long hair, its down to my waist. I'm gonna cut it after the wedding though...

  10. I'm the same way when in comes to hair - but eventually I just settled in on short with colored clip-in streaks. Very lovely braid Kendall, you look all Katniss-like:)

  11. Oh my gosh, you are so lucky! I've been growing my hair out for six(almost seven!) years, and it grew an extra inch longer the first year, but then it just... stopped. DX Now I have hair that's about two inches above my elbows! That's the longest it's ever been, but I've always wanted super long hair... T^T

    But, aside from my sorrows, I really love your hairstyle! I did something similar to one of my AG dolls a while back. ;)



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