Sunday, April 22, 2012

rainbow pigeons

Today has been fairly productive. I made peanut butter cookies (and ate like five of them) and worked on my art project for much of the afternoon. I also went to church and youth group and actually talked to people there. Huzzah.

It's obviously still far from being done but I've worked more this weekend than I have the past two weeks in art class. Kind of regretting all those periods spent aimlessly doodling...just a little bit.

Good night.


  1. I love this drawing, very nice :)

  2. Beautiful pigeon drawing! And those peanut butter cookies are the stuff of dreams. Love love love.

  3. Beautiful drawing! And that first picture is so pretty-it looks like a rainbow. (:

  4. That drawing is gorgeous! I should probably take out my old set of pencils... you got me inspired! ;)

  5. Hey girl, I have a proposition for you. I'm starting a tumblr that consists of six-word stories. Would you be interested in submitting some stories? Let me know through the blog or through my tumblr, a I would really love it if you did, the ones you wrote for Fernweh were great! Thanks Kendall,



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