Thursday, April 19, 2012

run-on sentences

credit: Mikko Kuorinki
Today I was chatting with my friend who was across the room, leaving her threatening messages so that she would bring me cookies, and then my computer just up and died, so I spent the second half of a class period literally just cutting pieces of paper and people were looking at me weird and laughing and my teacher asked if it was for an art project and I said yes and then I said no because I don't actually like to lie, although, man, it could have been a fine work of art, only when I went to throw it all away, paper fell all over the floor and the bell rang before I could clean it all up and my teacher said he would clean it up but then I felt guilty and so I guess the moral of the story is my talents are cutting paper and making messes and feeling bad about it and sometimes making people laugh but usually inadvertently.

And also when I got home I laid down on my bed for like one minute and then somehow fell asleep and woke a while later so disoriented and it was like part of my life had disappeared, like I was being possessed or something and it's so jarring.

filed under: what even is my life like I have no idea anymore BEDA has broken me or something


  1. hey, it's entertaining for the rest of us. don't get too broken tho.

  2. I'm enjoying this. It's kind of like, "my life is not actually always that deep, meaningful or photogenic but hey, I can write some good stuff that makes Libby laugh and also is interesting amongst all the garbage of blogs in her googlereader which she can't delete."
    Although you probably don't think about me whilst you're blogging? So yeah...

  3. See you should be put in hufflepuff, you don't like lying and you care about others:)

    But I am a bit biased, considering I'm "hufflepuff and proud":)


  4. Is it bad that I find your sad, confusing stories entertaining? This so sounds like something that would happen to me ;)


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