Thursday, April 05, 2012

alright thursday

According to my English teacher, it's what comes before Good Friday. Today was better than alright, though. I got an A on a chemistry quiz (pause and reflect on that for a moment) and I get to have dessert twice so yeah, life is pretty good. Days when I do something other than the usual school-homework-computer are nice because then I have other stuff to blog about! ...That is legitimately my reasoning. Sigh.

Today after school I walked with some friends to Sonic, which is on the other side of this really sketchy bridge. We observed several articles of clothing strewn about on the concrete in addition to various containers that may or may not have at one time been home to liquor, as well as other items that led us to draw some rather unflattering conclusions about those denizens who frequent that particular structure. I mean whut.

So I had a LemonBerry CreamSlush (hurray for compound words!) and some tater tots and also some water with magical ice. The best part was probably when Caitlin got an email back from Taco Bell. She emailed them a few weeks ago bemoaning the loss of her favorite grilled steak taquitos from their menu and they emailed back today apologizing for her "horrible experience" and offered her some free taquitos. Basically it was pretty hilarious.

Then we went to see our school's play. It was not really a feel-good flick, but it was good.

Then I went to soccer practice where we scrimmaged some thirteen year old boys. That's always an interesting experience. I appreciate the ones who have the class to curse in foreign languages.

Alright. I'm going to go have some cake, shower, and then watch Doctor Who. I'm pretty sure I've mentioned the fact that I'm watching Doctor Who in 90% of my posts recently, and if I haven't, I've thought about it. Instead of apologizing for this like other people might, I'm just going to say that I should make that 100%. Fifth season, what up. OK, I'm really going now.

Oh, yeah, four day weekend! This calls for many exclamation points with 'ones' strategically and intentionally placed in between. Ready? READY!!!!!!!!!!1!1!!!!


  1. Actually in the Christian Church (and anyone who celebrates Easter in the religious way) it's Maunday Thursday.
    Glad you had a fun day, I want some cake and Dr. Who!!!1!!1! <-- Strategically placed "ones" ;)
    ♥ Jenna

  2. I love this mish-mash! Very nice.

    You are such a down-to-earth person. :)

  3. We watched the new trailer for Doctor Who!!!!!1!!!1!! in my History class last week. I might actually watch THE WHOLE SERIES this time.
    Also what is magical ice? It sounds like some kind of drug...

    1. YOU SHOULD. I haven't watched the new trailer because I still have one more season to watch but...yay!
      Also, magical ice is just regular ice with a strange texture? I don't really know. It's just sort of magical. Not a drug, haha.

  4. We just watched the 10th episode of season 6!! Doctor Who is probably the best show - that or Merlin... Hum, toss up for sure... Yeah Doctor Who :) Episode 11 here I come!
    What's magical ice? Do you buy it?

    1. Magical ice is just normal ice, from Sonic! It comes with a drink, haha! Doctor Who <3


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