Sunday, April 01, 2012

planet earth is a death trap.

I thought I'd start April off right; that is, with a blog post! I'm not going to do to BEDA (maybe in August), but I will I do BALIAALALMTIDIM. That stands for Blog A Lot In April, At Least A Lot More Than I Did In March. (I made it up. Aren't I clever.)

Today my friend Caitlin and I had to venture into a park to collect data for our Planet Earth class. I kind of miss Great Ideas, which we had last semester, because during it we only had to go in the woods ONCE. For this class, we have already been like four times. The last time was during a field trip on Thursday, which was enjoyable because I saw two snakes, some fish, cardinals and other birds, a bajillion daddy long legs, and a raccoon in a dumpster! That part was fun, but my favorite part was probably lunch which my classmates turned into 'let's ask the teacher personal questions' time. I learned lots of interesting tidbits from this, but above all, I learned never be a high school teacher because then your students will film you dancing to DDR and put it on Facebook and even the mom who is the chaperone will have seen it.

Where was I? Oh yeah, today. We had to lay down a 50 meter transect and then record all the plants that had overhang along it. (Twice.) This will be easy, I thought. But easy it was not! It was 85 degrees and sunny, but it felt about 100 degrees. Our park is so jank; it's so uneven and there aren't paths so we have to walk through the brush and also there are probably homeless people who live there. The first transect took forever because there were so many freaking plants, and they all look the same, okay, green and leafy, but then the second one we got smart and went somewhere with only three trees. Pecan trees 4ever.

Conclusion: I like nature. But not analyzing it, just...letting it be.

So...that was my afternoon. Now I'm going to finish homework and then do stuff I actually want to do like watch Doctor Who and write things that rhyme. Okay, bye.

P.S. A random word of advice, garnered from my extensive life experience: WHATEVER YOU DO, DO NOT EAT THE DIRT FLAVORED JELLY BEAN FROM BERNIE BOTT'S EVERY FLAVORED BEANS. JUST...DON'T.


  1. Oh yeah, BEDA, I remember doing it last year... Lol maybe I'll try it hahaha just kidding. Kind of.

  2. wow. you are clever. and that word of advice? genius.
    -jocee <3

  3. Oh, I haven't done one of those blog-every-day-in-a-month things yet, but since you've so unknowingly reminded me, I think I'll do BEDA. Also, I really like that first picture of Caitlin and planet earth and you and nature and Doctor Who.

  4. I don't think I'd ever be able to manage doing BEDA! and thanks for your word of advice ;)

  5. I'm excited about BALIAALALMTIDIM because I love reading your posts. :)


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