Monday, April 30, 2012

end of the month reflection

Well, this is the last post of BEDA. I didn't blog every day, but I blogged 25 26 times, which is a whole lot more than my usual. It was hard at times to come up with something to say, but ultimately it was pretty fun and I appreciate having all those posts to look back on.

I think all those crazy posts helped me realize something about why I blog. It's nice to get followers, but I have a more important objective, which is simply to document my life. Other people may not find the mundane details of my day interesting, but these are small things I'd like to look back on and remember. My blog is a place I can keep all these thoughts and memories I have that make up who I am at that moment and share them with anyone who cares. That's all my blog is. That's all I want it to be.

I'm not going to blog quite as often anymore, but hopefully a bit more regularly than I did before. Face it: my blog is never going to be very quality, but hopefully now that I'm posting less frequently, they'll be longer and less boring/scatterbrained. I make no promises, though, because I too often abandon and contradict them. That's rule #1. The Doctor lies.

Okay? Okay.

Happy end of April.


  1. OMG AMEN AMEN DOCUMENTING YOUR LIFE FOR YOURSELF SHOULD BE WHAT YOUR BLOG IS ABOUT!!! I too often forget that and BEDA helped me remember....glad to hear it did that for you tooooooo!


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