Friday, February 11, 2011

why i love fridays

Five things I love about this Friday.

5. my guitar lesson. It was actually fun today. I don't know why, but when I was playing I suddenly felt happy. I felt like I got it. It was a good feeling, you know.

4. festive sugar cookies. We used to have these at our class parties all the time in elementary school but I haven't had one in forever. My mom brought me home one today and it strangely made me so happy. I mean, fake sugar, tons of fat, heart shaped sprinkles, what's not to love?

3. my english class. Today was an 'independent work day' for our project and we all got laptops to use. We all got on g-mail and had a group chat with like, 20 people. It was fun...until my computer decided to be stupid. But besides that... you gotta love those laptops. :)

2. unofficial movie night. I love watching movies with my family (well...most of the time XD). Tonight? The Music Man. We had that movie on VHS and I used to watch it all the time when I was younger. But I haven't seen it in so long so we rented it to watch tonight. I love musicals so much.

[Not my picture!]
1. Um, it's the weekend! Of course. Does this really need any further explanation? No? Okay, good. :)

What do you love about Fridays?



  1. 2 days closer to monday!!
    (that's what my teacher always says is best about fridays, lol.)

    Anyway, I agree with movie nights! It'll be toy story 3 for us tonight. Also, not having to get homework done, which means time for photos, reading, playing with my dog, etc, etc...

    just chilling!

  2. I love everything! My Dad get off of work on the weekends! I get a bunch of time to blog! (Because it's the weekend!) And a bunch of other stuff.

  3. Fridays are amazing. I love the Fridays when I amble home with friends, chatting and eating chocolate. Your English class sounds like it was fun!

  4. Fridays are also my movie night!! I love guitar, what kind do you play? I play electric :) I LOVE the picture of the sugar cookie!! Now you made me hungry.... :)

  5. @Charlotte: I play classical guitar. :) Thanks!

  6. I really need a laptop so I can actually work during school... But alas, I only have an old, creaky desktop.


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