Thursday, February 10, 2011

{extra} ordinary

I've been in a sort of photography and blogging rut lately. I just haven't had any inspiration. It's so cold and dead and boring this time of year, it makes it really hard for me to be creative. But it's not impossible at all: you just have to dig a little deeper. I was sitting at my desk, looking at my mess of objects, when I realized that the little things all around me may be more common but that doesn't make them any less interesting. In fact, photographing mundane things is an extra challenge: you have to find new ways to make them fun. So that's what this post is for.

Bonus edit (all the above are SOOC):

I just love my desk as a background for still-lifes. :) I think my favorite is the earphones, or maybe, oddly enough, the screw. Which is one do you like the best? What inspires you during the winter?



  1. I love the notebook and the key. For me, a notebook like that, one that's worn and faded on the edges, showcased a fundamental need to create. And that need is beautiful.

    hahaha sorry for getting all deep there :)

  2. Either the key, notebook, or the bottlecap. I have a "thing" for random objects!!! :D


  3. Beautiful pictures! What Katie said about notebooks is so very true, but the secrets that are hidden in a key are also undeniable.

  4. Re: quote on the last picture = describes my whole life.


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