Monday, February 21, 2011

jumbled up days

Psst...guess what? It's me. I'm alive. I just, er, couldn't get on the computer yesterday. So I read two novels cover to cover, worked {minimally} on homework and went on a hike. {...}

Anyway, here are some pictures. Some of them I can't remember if they were taken yesterday or Saturday or what. Thus the "jumbled up days". {The ones from the hike are yesterday's, though. That I know.} So, this is my weekend:

I ate my soup for lunch. That I sort of made.

 My sister, during one of those rare moments when she wasn't shooing me and my camera away.

I saw a flower! Even if it's only a dandelion which is really a weed. But spring must be coming soon!

I saw more plants! But they aren't green so it doesn't count. :P

 This is during the hike. I am such a city girl, with my pink nail polish and my converse.

 What we saw. I wish I could have gotten a better picture.

 I kind of love this. I love the bokeh and how it's out of focus and also how the trees seem to bend over and meet at the top, like some sort of a tent.

P.S. Guess whose neighbor still has their Christmas lights up?


How was your weekend? Today is President's Day so I have today off, too, but tomorrow I have to go back to school. D:



  1. Lovely pictures Starr! I love the ones from your hike. :)


  2. Lovely pictures--the bokeh canopy is stunning.

  3. Ha, I still have christmas lights up :P
    Who doesn't wear converse on a hike? They're the only shoes I ever wear! {I have 4 pairs} Great pictures Starr!!!

  4. Love your pics! And don't worry. There's been days when I can't get on the computer too. ;) Hannah

  5. Beautiful photos! :) I love them all. Your sister has such a nice smile, and the bokeh trees and Christmas lights were both really pretty.
    I hope spring comes soon! I had hope with temperatures getting into the 40's and almost all the snow gone, but last night we got another 4 inches. :(

  6. No problem Starr! Happy -belated- Valentines day!

  7. ooo, I love that all-out-of-focus one! It seems to match the feeling for a sunny hike under a canopy of trees.

  8. My sisters do the same thing! I come over with my camera and *bam* they're gone in a flash! :)

    Gorgeous pictures, especially the bokeh trees!


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