Wednesday, February 02, 2011

what's the point of it freezing if it's not going to snow?

It was eighteen degrees when I woke up this morning. Not forty-eight hours ago I was wearing shorts with a light sweater and here we are now with a 60% of snow on Friday (it probably won't happen, though).

My younger sister got to come home at 11:30 this morning and my other sister didn't even have school at all, due to the heaters being broken and whatnot. Another high school in the area had classes as 'optional' today, so my friends who go there were posting facebook statuses describing their comfortable situations: "in bed, watching Netflix". My cousins in Kansas have been having snow day after snow day, and so have the majority of the people whose blogs I follow.

As for me? I was trudging through the hallways at eight-fifteen as usual, as sullen as always, outlining essays and sketching tea cups for art and failing math quizzes. Lifeisnotfair. >.< On the bright side I got a 96% on my biology test! And I got to come home and eat my delicious fried rice. And we have a late start [school starts at 10] tomorrow. And there's that chance of snow...

Well, here are some warm pictures to keep you in a comfortable mindset:

 Hope you guys aren't too cold! Do you have any snow or bad weather? Or are you one of those people who lives in Florida and still has green grass?



  1. We have only had school on Monday after that its just been snow, and coldness. Not to mention we have another snow day tomorrow. Say today has been like our fifth snow day!

  2. We haven't had a single snow day this year, or last year, and the year before that we had one snow day. Despite all the snow previously in England it all completely skipped my area and we just had ice and cold weather.
    The colours in the last picture look so warm and cosy!

  3. Hey, remember me? Just stopping in, wanted to say, nice pictures! I especially like the berries and the pink cupcake. I'm working on saving for DSLR right now. I have a film SLR for my photo class but film is so expensive!

    Your late start doesn't start until 10? Lucky! 9 is latestart for us. Also..I wihs it would snow here. :-)


  4. We've had SIX snow days TOTAL. Our grass is JUST starting to appear again(notice I said AGAIN) and I want snow like in the midwest!!! D:



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