Thursday, February 17, 2011


I love that word. I love how it applies so perfectly to my life and how fun it is to say. Maybe not as fun as shenanigans. But still lovely and oh-so-apt.

Clouds over who knows where, 2010
Because lately I've been feeling an itch underneath my skin, a pulsing in my veins. A restless mentality settling throughout my body. I want, no, I need, to travel.

Palm Springs, 2009

Somewhere. Anywhere.

Preferably somewhere in the countryside with green rolling hills and ponds with bridges over them and gardens and lots of beautiful trees to provide shade.

Disneyland, 2009
Or maybe somewhere on the beach where the sand is hot under my feet and the sea is rolling out endless waves and never quite seems to meet the sky.

Mexico, 2009
Or maybe a place where it's warm and crowded with tourists both muggles and magic, like, say, I don't know, the Wizarding World of Harry Potter in Florida?

Chinatown, SF, 2010

I'm reading a really awesome book called The Dragonfly Pool which is set in England and all the descriptions of the countryside really make me want to go there. Actually, I want to go there anyway, it's just fueling my obsession. Libby's adorably British posts don't help either, you know {this gave me more inspiration, too}. And we all know what else is United Kingdom (cuz it's technically in Scotland) starts with a "Hog" and ends with a "Warts"...

California, 2009

The sad thing is, I can't go anywhere. At least, not until June, when I'm going to Hawaii (which I am insanely excited about). I am mostly excited for the picture taking opportunities but making a fool of myself whilst attempting to surf is a close second. :) But until then, I'm stuck here, in Texas. We aren't going to California for spring break in March like we usually do, because Hawaii is expensive. But my cousins are coming down here which should be fun.

And, of course, for now, I have my books which transport me not only to different countries but different worlds as well.


P.S. Isn't this song so hauntingly lovely? {Listen to it!} It makes me sad but it's so beautiful. Dar Williams has such a great voice. :) I need to get more music...


  1. I agree- traveling is quite thrilling, but my favourite part about traveling is getting home!!! Great pictures :)

  2. The Dragonfly Pool is a lovely book; I also love her older teen novels which often feature a reverse of fortunes, set around the Second World War, and Russian or French or Viennese characters. And I'm glad I inspired you. :)
    Mexico looks beautiful, and the photograph of the clouds makes me feel like I'm flying.
    And... I was literally just listening to some Dar Williams music --my mum brought me up on her CDs-- before I clicked on the link! :)

  3. I LITERALLY JUST came home from traveling, and I am GLAD! an FINALLY put more batteries in my dead camera!!! :D



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