Tuesday, February 08, 2011

right now...

Right now, I am sitting at my computer, eating a bowl of cereal (I know, bad me, but you see, it doesn't make crumbs!). I am browsing blogs and Flickr (it seems I have to have a minimum of three tabs open at once) and also writing this post. There are construction workers on my street who are making lots of loud noises and blowing things up, I think. I'm not really sure what they are doing there.

I have sitting beside me my English homework, a list of no fewer than a 100 study questions (might be an exaggeration) for the Odyssey which I was helpfully reminded by a classmate this morning is due tomorrow. Um, whoops? I am shrugging my shoulders because I know I can get it done and I don't feel like worrying. I don't like worrying. Smiling is better.

I am also smiling because Libby was so kind as to mention my blog on her latest post. I was just scrolling through and then I saw my name and was like *jaw drop* *jaw drop turns into smile*. You should check out her blog; it's so wonderful and has been one of my favorites since its beginning. :D

Now I am sitting here, typing this with one hand, thinking about what to say...listening to my sister talk (she likes to do that. A lot. Loudly. But it's okay...XD). The construction workers just exploded something else...

This was a pointless post. To make it less purposeless (or, more purposeful), I'll put some photos in here:

There. Still pointless but now you have something to look at when your eyes grow weary of reading my ramblings...I really should work on my homework now.



  1. Beautiful bokeh! And noisy construction workers are so annoying... It's like, "no-one ever needs to concentrate, they all want to listen us have fun blowing things up!". Yeah.

  2. *sigh* I love your pictures. They were always great, but keep getting better and better.
    The Odyssey! :P I'm studying the same thing. This post was definitely not pointless! Ramblings are generally entertaining for some reason.

  3. I like blowing things up! It makes me laugh. :D



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