Saturday, February 05, 2011

thoughts of the day

one. The snow is melting all too quickly--it's pretty much all gone except for some patches--but here's another cute photo I took yesterday. My sister and her friends made these little snow men. I love that scarf! XD

two. This is my current favorite song. I love it; it's so pretty and wintery, like all of Ingrid Michaelson's songs.
three. Polyvore is so fun. Other people have been posting their sets so I thought I would too. I actually got an account a couple months ago but I haven't really shared anything here yet, so that's what this is for, I guess... I love making sets and looking at other people's. :) If you have an account let me know.

Here is an old one that I rather like. It's simple but lovely, I think.

four. I recently found this cool blog, whilst searching for some photo blogs. The pictures are all by a woman named Vivian Maier, who lived in Chicago and died in 2009. A box of her negatives was discovered not too long ago by a man who now posts them to the blog. She was a nanny by job, but, it seems, a photographer at heart. I think her story is rather intriguing, like one you would read about in a novel, and her pictures are altogether stunning, interesting, and very real. :) You should check it out: Vivian Maier--Her Discovered Work.

Well, this was a pretty short post. I don't have much else to say. I'm almost to 25 followers, which I count as a great milestone. :)


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