Friday, February 04, 2011

boundless joy

This, dear readers, was my reaction upon waking up this morning. This might seem odd, especially if you know me, but it was for good reason...It had SNOWED! And school was canceled! No algebra test for me today, ha! :D It wasn't a lot of snow, especially compared to places like Chicago, but hey, I'll take what I can get! :)

So of course the first thing I did after getting dressed at lightning speed was to grab my camera and run outside. Here are some of the [many] pictures that I took:

Note: The first person is my friend Audrey who lives across the street [she threw the snow in the air, it wasn't snowing], you've seen her in my pictures before, and the second person is my wittle sister.

Well, I'm going to have breakfast, and then not do any work today! Whoop whoop! :D


P.S. all the pictures were taken in manual mode...I'm somewhat proud. Others of them were way too underexposed, but it was hard for me to be constantly fiddling with the settings because my fingers were like icicles, even with gloves. XP


  1. Yay--gorgeous snow pictures, Starr. I love the one of Audrey throwing snow. That's the amount of snow that brings *everything* to a standstill here.

  2. I LOVE your snow day pictures! I envy EVERYONE who has a snow day! I only had six! (Yeah, ONLY! ;D)


  3. you had a snow day for that! wow

  4. It snowed here, too! And school got canceled because of the icy roads - that's a first. I guess us Texans that rarely get snow are happy today. :)

  5. @Libby + Miranda: Thanks! :)
    @Bridget: YES we did. It was "inclement" weather, dear cousin. ;) I know you have tons more snow, but we had plenty of fun with our few inches. XD It melts fast, though.

  6. Haha, my friend in Texas got a snow day today too.
    Where I live, we got 18 inches of snow. :O The newspapers kept coming up with all these stupid names like "Snowmaggedon", "Death Storm", "Snownami"... and some other ones I can't remember. They were all pretty stupid. But hey, two snowdays make it worth it. :)

    Great pictures! I like the one of the road with the footprints and tire tracks.


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