Wednesday, April 13, 2011

sunbeams, chickens & other happy yellow things

Yellow is such a nice, bright color. Perfect for spring and summer. So many nice things are this shade...sunshine, lemonade, flowers. Baby chicks.

My neighbors recently acquired four adorable baby chickens. They're about three weeks right now--past the cute fluffy stage but before they start laying eggs. Regardless, they still are quite photogenic and entertaining creatures. I spent some time with them this afternoon and I got some photos.

 The outside of the coop--built by neighbor--is a nice lemon. It's a pretty sweet area for chickens.

The chicks were so cute. We got to pet them, feed them and hold them. Super soft.

I think it'll be cool once they start laying eggs, because we might be able to get fresh eggs from down the street instead of the ones from the supermarket. I've always wanted to do that. :) 

Also, can you tell what my current obsession is? Diptychs are so fun. 

Here's one last bit of yellow for you. A yellow rose, Texas' state flower. ♥ We have them planted out in the backyard.



  1. Awwwww... they are adorable! I love their little chicken feet. :) I also have a new obsession with any kind of picture collages, they are just so fun!

  2. So sweet! We've had chickens since I was about four on and off, forever becoming snacks for hungry foxes. Our neighbours keep chickens. They take our supermarket egg boxes and in return leave farm-fresh eggs.
    And the first photo of the sun feels so warm and happy.

  3. LOVE, you'r first photograph!
    I'm holding a photograph competition,
    thought you might be interested :D
    All you'r photographs happen to fit my theme hehe

  4. Heehee Cute! Love the yellow coop- I love yellow!

  5. All these photos are so beautiful!


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