Friday, April 01, 2011

a menagerie of friday favorites

{Okay, okay, I kind of just really wanted to use that word...menagerie. Say it. Don't you feel sophisticated?!...And I don't mean it in the zoo context.}

So, I was thinking about all the little things I've been enjoying this week and I was wondering how to incorporate them all  into a post. And then I thought, Friday Favorite Things, of course! 

friday favorite things | finding joy

So here they are:

April Fools Day. Really, it's a hoot. I didn't get pranked but I helped my friend pass out Oreos filled with toothpaste. Ah, good times. The victims didn't realize until half-way through the cookie..."This tastes minty!"

The colors pink and green together. I think you'll find plenty of them in this post. :)

Our Spanish teacher talking in Spanish the way we do--that is, sounding everything out in an outrageous Texan accent. "Any pray-goon-tas?"

The gorgeous sunsets (and how much later they come now!).

Making new friends and reconnecting with old ones.  

That good feeling you get when your guitar teacher tells you that you've improved {especially when your practicing this week wasn't all that great}.

Admiring all the gorgeous, blooming flowers. Still.

Soccer. Well, mostly my maniacal laughing as we cream the other team in a scrimmage during practice, but....

Cupcakes. Really, do they ever get old? It's my sister's birthday on Monday so she's having her party tonight...right now, actually! There are seven giggling girls in my living room...

....And speaking of her birthday, we went to see a movie tonight. It was something about the Easter bunny...You know, typical kid flick, cheesy but sometimes so funny. Yeah, I'll admit it, I laughed. 

The fact that it's April {!}. When did that happen? Only two more months of school... This is good and scary. I'm not ready to be a sophomore yet and then graduate and go to college and get a job and, and, and...Calm down, Kendall. XD Anyway, this changing of months heralds a new desktop background. {Here} is the one I have.

Feel free to link up at finding joy {although I suppose there's only an hour and half left of Friday here...better hurry, folks!}. So, what were a few of your Friday favorites?



  1. mmmmmm those cupcakes look delicious!

  2. I love your Friday favourites, Kendall. These kinds of posts are my favourite, and they're so fun to do. Those cupcakes look magnificent. And, the light in the second photo... *sigh of happiness*.

    Have a great day,


  3. Oooh, pretty bokeh! And those cupcakes? Yummy! I'm hungry now. :)


  4. hi there fellow texan! i really like your blog!

  5. I love, love, love your photos <3
    Your April Fools prank sounds really funny xD
    Two months of school...oh, goodness. Though, sophomore year really isn't that bad. I survived it ^_^ it's usually more work, but not so much that you have to start crying. And you get the advantage of looking down on the freshmen ;)
    But that made me realize... I have one month till AP exams. *dies*

    All right, back to studying bio. ^_~

  6. First off, these photos are gorgeous.
    Second, your positive outlook is seriously contagious. :)

    I know what you mean, only two more months! And one month 'til the AP exam *dies right along with Sitara*. I think sophomore year is one of the better ones. You get more seniority and responsibilities, but still don't have to be totally worried about college and GPA and everything. You learn, you grow, as with every experience.


  7. Your pictures are beautiful! I love the contrast of colors in the first one. And the second one captures a spring day fading away wonderfully.

    Lovely list. Thank you for sharing your favorites.

    I hope to see you again this week!


  8. Your pictures are very very very very pretty!!! :) I love the clothespin one!

  9. I think the first photo is my favorite. How adorable!


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