Sunday, April 10, 2011

splish splash

Yesterday it got up to 96 degrees. And before all of you Northerners who haven't seen grass in six months start saying you wish it was like that where you are, imagine this: You are playing a soccer game at four o'clock in the afternoon, when the sun is shining at its brightest. There are forty-minute halves and your team has no subs, so everyone has to play 100%, and it is against a select team who is very good and very aggressive. And it is 96 degrees. Yeah. That was us yesterday.

But luckily, there are ways to cool off, even for those of us bereft of pools in our backyards. There is, for instance, the hose.

Which my friend used to spray me while I was in my normal clothes, not a bathing suit. Ahem, not cool. Well, actually it was pretty cool & refreshing... And clothes dry, right?

And then, when that gets boring, it's time to break out the sprinkler.

Best expression ever?

I think so. {That's my sister's friend up there. I love that so much. For full effect, click on the picture.}

Jumping shots are my favorite.

{I'm linking that picture right up there ^^ to Carlotta's photo challenge. The theme is spring and to me, a big part of spring is having fun outside with friends and family. Plus it's so green and lovely... Anyway, go to enter here.}

I like shoes, too. Ahh, flipflops! How we've missed you. It's good to have you back. It almost feels like summer...if only we didn't have school!

On the bright side, we had another soccer game today & this time we won! 3-1. I was really happy about that. ^_^ If we win again next weekend we're going out for frozen yogurt, or ice cream {same thing to me}. I'm pretty happy right weekends that feel like summer. Hey, I might not be so pale pretty soon...



  1. Its like 88 degrees here, and so nice but hot.My friends and I played with the hose too.


  2. 96 degrees? That's, like, 35 degrees, right? And here it's been about 20. So... wow. I think I would melt in that weather.
    You've captured the jumps really well!

  3. We've been having that weather too- Hot and windy. But sadly, I can't use those hose or it'll leak downstairs. :(

  4. Aaaah! 96 degrees with no subs is killer. Yowch. But that sprinkler fun makes it look almost worth it... there is nothing like jumping in a sprinkler, hose, or pool after playing a hot soccer game!


  5. soo fun! yep, we are not quite there yet in MN :) but i can't wait! <3

  6. it's that hot in louisiana, too! cooled off this weekend, but it'll be back in the 90's tomorrow i'm sure. hello summer!


    x.o. Mattie


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