Tuesday, April 12, 2011

life these days.

These days have been busy, full of homework and soccer and youth group and practicing guitar. It seems like everything speeds up around April and doesn't slow down until school lets out in early June. Here's what I've been up to lately, a peek into my life, because I've realized I don't talk about my actual life, school & such, as much as just posting some photos of flowers with some descriptions of the weather. That will change...

Let's start with food...always the best part of my day. Well, not always, but I like it. And the cheery yellow bowl. Yellow is such a nice color...

Homework. BLECK BLECK BLECK. This is Bio but I had an Algebra test today and a Spanish one tomorrow. Have I mentioned how ready for summer I am? Only a hundred times? Oh.

Sometimes I listen to music when I do math homework, because I can't if I'm reading but I've found I can still concentrate if it's algebra. And Mumford & Sons. 

We had a medieval {oh my gosh, is that word hard to spell} feast in English yesterday. We recently read Beowulf and Grendel and so to cumulate the unit we had our own mead hall feast. We all got characters and my friend and I were farmers. Another girl was a tattoo artist and so she gave us these, which were meant to protect our crops. ;) I still have mine.

Sleeping. Ha! I wish. And I really need to make my bed, except I never do. It's too much work at six-thirty in the morning and pretty pointless since no one actually ever sees it and it looks more picturesque all crumpled up instead of stiff and starched. At least, that's the way I think about it...

So, how's your life these days? I'm off to soccer.



  1. Sounds like a busy life, but I bet you can't wait for summer!
    My life these days is waking up at 7 in the morning, drinking hot chocolate because I can't manage to chew cereal with spacers, then heading off to school for 6 and a half hours and stay everyday after track for 2 and a half hours!
    Lovely. :P

  2. I am so excited for Summer, too. I'm getting rather tired of schoolwork. The photo of your room is quite lovely. Maps are beautiful, and your quilt is the cutest thing. :) Have a wonderful day!


    PS. I love 'Mumford & Sons', as well. :)

  3. Your duvet/quilt is really cute! And I love that map.
    Love, love, love Mumford & Sons. When they come on the radio, regardless of the weather, I fling open the windows and sing along really badly. Really, really, really badly!

  4. Oh my gosh, I am so ready for summer too! Homework is driving me coco, but we didn't have any this week because of our finals {yeah...we have them sooo early :P}.
    Beautiful pics, Kendall, by the way. :)



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