Friday, April 22, 2011

shiny, sparkly rambles

Yesterday was one of the most miserable days of my existence. For reals (or should I say, fo' realz?). I felt sick when I got up but I went to school anyway because I didn't want to be behind on my classes. Bad idea. Every class passed by sooo slowly and all I could think about was going home and going to sleep. When I finally got home, I laid in bed and fell asleep. I was too sick to even turn on the computer. That should give you an idea of how terrible I felt. When my mom got home, she took my temperature. It was 104. So we went to the doctor & it turned out I had strep throat, which my sister'd had earlier this week. They gave me some medicine and I felt better but still, you know, sick.

Great story, huh?

Anyway, I am still a believer of Looking on the Bright Side of Things, finding the shiny and sparkly bits amidst all the rubble, so even though yesterday was miserable, there have still been some happy things in my week.

1. Like nail polish. Shiny.

spring nails

2. And iPods. Also shiny. Speaking of mom just bought herself an iPhone yesterday. Oh dear. My family has now owned every type of Apple product (desktop computer, laptop, iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch, regular iPod, iPod Nano and iPod Shuffle. Whew). Not all at the same time though...

3. Reading + fairy lights = bliss.

4. I got these in the mail yesterday. I won a gift card to this shop in a giveaway, and these are what I picked out.

Pretty cool for someone who never wins anything. ;) (Well, actually, I once won second place in a coloring contest in fourth grade and got an Amazon gift card through that. I bought a treasury of the Chronicles of Narnia with it, I believe.)

5. Ice cream. It is not shiny but it is delicious and that is close enough for me. Yes, my mom finally caved in and bought us Girl Scout cookie ice cream. Eep!

6. Not sparkles, but sprinkles. I love me some unhealthy, processed, full-of-sugar cookies. Occasionally.

7. I made a few changes to the blog, like changing the font (Times New Roman) and editing some things on the sidebar. Nothing major but I like it.

8. Kitty says 'Happy Earth Day!' This cat (gender & name: unknown) is my neighbors', but I just thought it was cute. :D

Have a Good Friday! (Wow, nice pun, Kendall. #fail)



  1. You have such a positive outlook! And those earrings are so cute, and the cookies look delicious and that cat is the sweetest. Oh, and not forgetting sparkly nail polish.

  2. that looks like my cat who ran away. :(

    Your earrings are lovely!

  3. Aw, I'm sorry you had a bad day, and I hope you get better soon!! :)

    and those earrings are adorable. I wanna steal them! hahaha <3

  4. Hope you're feeling better now :)! My family is apple-crazy as well. We practically live on apple products! And those earrings are so adorable and I <3 your nail polish!

  5. Wonderful list of sparkly and beautiful things in the midst of a day! And of course, ice cream always tops my list as wonderful and joyful things.

  6. Glad you feel better! I've been sick this week, too. I think it might be the classic flu. not fun.
    What kind of girl scout cookie ice cream is that? It looks delish!

  7. Grace- It's the Samoa kind, although here we call Samoas 'Caramel Delights'. :)

  8. Are you going to change your header? I always love you pictures so I want to see new pictures.


  9. Hope you feel better soon! Your cat is adorable!!

  10. ayeee those earrings are lovely! And I also like the protector of yout iPhone soo much - where did you get it from?
    Hope you feel better now!

  11. i like the

  12. Lola- I'll probably switch it out next month. I like this one, but I agree, change is good. :)
    Jessica- Thanks! Isn't it? The cat's not mine though. :)
    Lily- My iPod cover is from Best Buy, I'm pretty sure. ;)

  13. Love the pictures, Kendall. Of course, I've been dying to ask what kind of nail polish you're wearing since I first read the post. ^_^


  14. Hope you feel better! Love the nail polish!


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