Friday, April 08, 2011

savoring the sky

I should stop trying to be poetic with my titles. But I'm just so terrible at coming up with them! I seriously finished this post and then spent like twenty minutes looking for a good title. Alas... Can I hire someone to do that for me? XD

It's one of those days that just feels like summer. The weather is a sweltering ninety-one degrees Fahrenheit and just walking home from the bus I can feel sweat begin to drip down my forehead. My hair is frizzy from the humidity and it's sticking to my neck. With every step I long to be under the reign of air-conditioning once more. It may be hot, but boy, it's beautiful.

I mean, look at the sky. It's such a mellow blue, light and kind and happy. A faint puff of a cloud hiding behind the tree and not much else.

Observe the trees, their verdant green splendor swaying with the breeze. The grass--what a perfect color. That dappled sunlight that peeks through the leaves, splaying shadows on the sidewalk. I love looking out my window when I get home and seeing this. Standing on porch, barefoot, letting the wood heat up my feet as I take pictures. 

I feel like I should have a glass of lemonade and a beach towel. Like it should smell like sunscreen and chlorine. But we're not there yet. Two more months...two more months and then will come the days of summer. I think I'll make it... I have to. In the mean time, I'll be enjoying what we have now.

And also these:
Can you guess my two favorite colors right now? {Just look at the pictures.} Well, I'm so glad it's Friday, even if it does mean hearing "It's Friday, Friday, gonna get down on Friday!" as a constant refrain, both in real life and in my head. Not that what is in my head is not real...I'm confusing myself.

Also, the header still says March. Ack. I just like this one and its green theme too much to change. Plus I'd need to get Picasa back on my computer to make a new one and I'm feeling lazy at the moment. :)



  1. Wow... 91 degrees? I am so incredibly jealous-it was 40 degrees here today! Beautiful pictures, they are so summer-y! :)


  2. Beautiful photos, Kendall. Wow, it's so nice outside where you live! There's still mounds of snow on the ground here, and today it was pouring rain. Not complaining about the rain, though. I love rain!

    I love the Ugly Doll photo. I have two of those little creatures. It's so hard to resist that ugly cuteness. ^_^

  3. Bea-ti-FULL pictures Kendall! Lovin' it. :) The Ugly Doll photo is lovely as well, it is hard to resist.

    Ah, I thought 88 degrees was hot enough here. I don't know how I'll stand the 110 degrees in June ... I should enjoy this now as well. ^_^



  5. Wow. 91???!!!! Soooo Jealous. lol

    Nice pictures! I love them! :):):)
    I WANT AN UGLY DOLL SOSOSOSOSO MUCH!!! xD xD xD heheheehhehe

  6. Beautiful pictures! you're lucky you guys have such nice weather. Here we have warm afternoons but there is still frost on the grass in the morning :( Just found your blog recently and I love it!

  7. Nice pictures! It's so nice outside where you live :)


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