Saturday, January 15, 2011

thoughts of the day

one. What's better than a weekend? A three day weekend, for starters. No school on Monday! This pleases me much. Thanks, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr! :)

two. I love Oreos, as exhibited in the picture below. Om nom nom.

three. My internet. It displeases me. Much. Like, this post has already taken so long to write because it keeps on deciding to not work. So frustrating. Anyway. Just had to get that out. (Sorry for all the sentence fragments in this paragraph! I'm working on that ^_^)

four. Wet. That's one way to describe this weather. (Cold is another word.) It rained a lot last night and it's been kind of misting all day. I ventured outside earlier to take some pictures because I think raindrops can look kind of cool.

five. Despite the fact that it is 3:50 PM here, I'm still in my pajamas. Hehehe.

six. But that doesn't mean I haven't accomplished anything! I wrote all my thank you notes from Christmas and sent them in the mail. That counts for something, right? And now my mom is nagging me about doing the dishes and the laundry, so if I decide to heed her words, that will be more time spent being productive. Right?



  1. Cool, I ventured outside yesterday, and I got some snowy pictures!!! :D


  2. Oreos are delicious! My friend is a fan of oreo milkshakes but personally I think that is a step too far. And I can *totally* sympathise with stupid internet.


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